Action / Biography / Drama / History

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Top cast

Ida Elise Broch as Dagny Juel
Jesper Christensen as Dr. Daniel Jacobson
Dennis Storhøi as Deberitz
Fanny Bornedal as Linke Jørgensen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jrleroy 5 / 10

Failed miserably trying to make art instead of just a solid story about an artist

The writer/directors had what should have and could have been a great story with a great character but instead they failed trying to make a story about an artist art itself! So disappointing considering they had the biographical content to use as the structural bones to an interesting story about this tremendous artist his career his life and his struggles. Taking themselves too seriously and making these artistic choices made the movie pretentious and confusing instead of enjoyable! Despite every and all efforts to ruin this movie they still did not ruin the movie completely thanks to the already interesting character himself with his struggles and demons. They almost completely failed to mention the artists most famous work "the scream" which is one of the most recognized paintings of all time which they did not talk about and if you didn't know already might not even realize this was the artist who made the work. I gave 5 stars only for the story behind the artist himself and his life, without his being who the movie was supposed to be about the movie would get 1 star, they tried making the story all about themselves and their "artistic" choices instead of about the person/artist himself!

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by janbruinier 9 / 10

Every artist will feel something through this movie

This movie was a very fresh experience. Cinematographical styles alternate corresponding to certain timelines of Munch's life.

The soundtrack is absolutely stunnning, it reminds me of Thomas newman's work, it might be my favorite part of the movie.

We see different parts of Munch's life unfold before us, to me , personally, they related to parts of my own life: First love encounters, adversity, struggles with identity and substances, all beautifully captured in many different styles and set in many different sceneries.

I wish I could meet the person that directed and wrote this piece so I could shake their hand and converse with them about this wonderful piece of art.

I highly recommend anyone with a heart for art, cinema and music to experience this film's beauty.

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