Mr. Bones 3: Son of Bones



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by minnesh-77256 2 / 10

A good story line wasted by poor writing and almost zero laughs.

Not worth the money and effort to see at the movies. Very few laughs. Good actors and characters wasted on cheap jokes and unfunny cliched and predictable slapstick.

Reviewed by freddieschallies 1 / 10

The worst Leon movie

Highly disappointed. Please Do not waste time or money on this movie! Cheap jokes, cheap sound affects, really the worst one yet. 2 hours I will never get back. Did not enjoy it one bit!

Would give 0 stars if it was an option. The acting was horrible! Please let this be the last one! He is busy losing his legend. Should have stopped while you were ahead Leon.

Very disappointed in this.

Reviewed by nivennaidoo 1 / 10

Worst one yet!

If you enjoy pavement comedy with over exaggerated reactions and sounds, then watch the first two Mr Bones this one is short of any comedy whatsoever, almost like it was written over a weekend. Really. Awful.

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