Moon Garden


Drama / Fantasy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 86% · 29 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 70%
IMDb Rating 6.1/10 10 1057 1.1K

Top cast

Augie Duke as Sara
Mick Ignis as Teeth
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by popvoid 6 / 10

Stay with it

I must admit, when I started watching this movie, I wasn't fully on board, but I found the movie grew on me as I watched it. It's not a great movie, by any means, but there were enough original ideas here to keep me watching. It's visually interesting, although we've seen most of these things before in the films Jan Svankmajer, Phil Tippett, and the Quay Brothers. The use of out-of-date film gives it a lomography look, which I like, but I can see where it might irritate some. As to the version of "Without You" that's sung in this film, it sounds like it was based on Harry Nilsson's version, not Mariah Carey's (or the original by Badfinger). Far less Melisma and the vocal fry.

Just a note on one of the other reviews here which claims that favorable reviews are all done by people who did not review any other movies. My research indicates this not to be the case. Of the 10 star reviews here, only two are by people who reviewed no other movies (although I do agree with that reviewer that you should treat 10 star reviews by people who haven't reviewed anything else with suspicion). This is clearly a divisive movie, but if you can tap into it's aesthetic, it can be a rewarding experience.

Reviewed by kosmasp 7 / 10

Can't live ... without you

Well one could have lived (through this) without the song ... no pun intended. It is fitting to use of course when you think of the story and all that. Though still a weird bed time song to be sung by a mom. I do not blame her, she gives the best performance she I reckon. And while this is not an original song by Mariah Carey ... once you've heard her "version" ... it is not in the interest of anyone else to try to fill or try to recreate that. Yes I know nit-picking and all that, but I am writing a review and if I didn't mention it, I wouldn't feel right about it.

But enough about that - even though I am currently listening to it, while writing this ... ok I'll stop. The movie has some neat idea. It does not make a secret what or rather where it plays or gives you a big twist (oh that's where she was or what was happening in the "real" world). If you like fantasy, if you like to suspend your disbelief ... the movie does have some interesting and beautiful sets ... the girl ... let's say she is very young.

It would not be good or nice or anything to try to rate her or her performance by "normal" standards! She is especially good when she can freely express her emotions. Not all dialog works fine, but that is forgivable - or rather should be. That is up to you of course. In the end it may be a bit too long - too much lingering on some scenes, it could do with some tightening ... but it is a good movie to escape reality from ... and believe that there is something more ... after ... and in between.

Reviewed by Howling_at_the_Moon_Reviews 7 / 10

The silent evil within Emma's labyrinth

This was a wild and beautiful fever dream that gave me an amalgamation of vibes reminiscent of Pans Labyrinth, The Evil Within and Silent Hill. I've had this movie on my radar for at least the past year or so, so I was pleased to sit down and finally give it a view.

While we got our 2 base storylines down - the real world physical and emotional trauma and then the fantasy manifestation of said traumas... otherwise, there wasn't all too much else that satiated my desire for a substantial plot or storyline. I felt like I was really missing a "tale" more than "trying to get home" that I was really wanting. I felt it leaned more towards the cerebral side with a plethora of metaphors, symbolism, allegories and a general "artsy-fartsy" take. On one hand, this added to the beauty, chaos and dream like state of confusion. On the other hand, it left me a little wanting and looking for something to cling my attention onto to stay engaged.

And yet, at the same time it was impossible to look away from the screen. This movie was a literal visual feat. I mean, this was pretty next level. The visuals, imagery, concepts, effects, sets and props and so much more really took up for a lot that I felt was missing. As stated, it is certainly reminiscent of things, but I'd dare to say you have never seen anything that is quite exactly like this before.

I don't know if it was the platform I was viewing this on or a stylistic choice or what but there were continual fade to black cuts as if they were cutting to a commercial that were very odd. It almost gave me a sense of nostalgia but primarily were distracting. Also the acting here was a bit distracting as well. Not the worst I've ever seen but not my favorite. However, shout out to the princess, she gave a lovely monologue.

All in all this was a very intriguing and unique experience. I don't think this will be everyone's cup of tea and will certainly be polarizing for people... but good art always is. I would encourage you to give it a shot. 6.5 rounding up to a 7, would recommend.

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