Monster High: Welcome to Monster High


Animation / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 51%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51% · 50 ratings
IMDb Rating 5.5/10 10 772 772

Top cast

Ben Diskin as Gob / Zomboys
Cassandra Morris as Frankie Stein / Venus McFlytrap
Cam Clarke as Agent / Monster Boy Gargoyle / Monster Boy Vampire
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by foreverrrme 2 / 10

Just read the book

Trying way too hard to be the book, the show, and Hotel Transylvania.

I mean Monster High isn't a dorm school and in the book Drac made monster high against Draculauras wishes.

Changed the voices, mannerisms, personalities, outfits, faces, monster powers, and origin stories of characters and left characters out. Like the headless principal? Abbie? Ghoulia? Clawdeen's older brother Clawd and younger sister Howleen? Also like everyone has fangs. What the heck?? Not everyone is a fanged monster. Like deuce. I wish they had just done the book because that one makes the most sense as an origin story, and has my favorite character in it (melody).

Also what's with all the pain scenes? Keep smacking them over the head or having them fall down a house.

Reviewed by stephaniexd 1 / 10

Change isn't always for the best

When I saw the trailer I was already scared about some major changes, but this is nothing like the monster high you know. So a quick list of some major faults/changes that were made in this movie:

1. Draculaura used to go to an all vampire school before an incident occurred and she had to move away. In welcome to monster high draculaura did not go to an all vampire school or any school whatsoever she has stayed in the attic since like forever.... 2. In frights, camera, action draculaura obtained her vampire powers after she did something important. In welcome to monster high she already has the ability to change into a bat... 3. In monster high freaky fusion the ghouls go back in time to when monster high was just established.... In welcome to monster high draculaura and Frankie are the founders of monster high which is a boarding school.... 4. Abbey bominable is no more.... In welcome to monster high you can see a yeti with the same hair colors and overall look as abbey just not with clothes or anything that looks like the abbey we know... 5. Ghoulia is also cut out.... Now it looks like the new Frankie is a fusion of ghoulias brain and Frankie's looks.... I think that the new Frankie just lacks the enthusiasm and feeling the old Frankie had.... 6. Clawdeen had a lot of siblings like older sister clawdia , brother clawd , younger sister howleen,,,, She now has about 10 younger brothers and howleen , clawdia and clawd are gone. Yes this also means no more draculaura and clawd... 7. Gil is also nowhere to be seen.... He could still be introduced but I haven't seen him anywhere in the entire movie... 8. So who are still left that we do know from monster high? for now only twyla , toralei , Venus and deus. 9. Deus is no longer the cool guy he is now shy and lacks any confidence...

I can only hope that the next movie will consider all that has happened in all the other movies and webisodes because this is just sad to watch.....

Reviewed by AnnaPagrati 7 / 10

Flop but kinda good?

Okay, I know this reboot flopped. And it's not even slightly as good as the original franchise. But it is still watchable and...different.

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