Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
IMDb Rating 5.7/10 10 1064 1.1K


Top cast

Jane Seymour as Veronica Malloy
Jack Bannon as Nathan Dobier
Nia Peeples as Kristen Rhodes
Parker Stevenson as Brandon McKellan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by graceoverpressuretheoneANDonly 8 / 10

Truly surprised...

I thought this was a very circumspective love story with a most reasonable if not believable plot. I was caught off guard by William Shockley being one of Veronica's love interest's and couldn't place him at first then BINGO, "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman" and the crazy saloon keeper, Hank. -So to see him in this dynamic opposite with Jane Seymour as a love interest was rather provocative. While the movie was a bit slow? I totally understand the relationships including the well played gay couple who added great interest to Veronica's life if not that of Brandon. Being in "the vicinity" of Jane Seymour's peer group? I totally and completely found many of her traits identifiable and realistic. Though I felt Brandon was too much a "cut above" the average man to be as enlightened as he was. I'm actually very impressed with many of the made for TV movies and others that JS has played in - in the past decade. She was also good in her Netflix role of the "Kominsky Method" of late. I hope she continues on as she is as a beautiful actress with a real style and class that few continue to possess in her/my age group. Very enjoyable movie; not "earth shaking" but most definitely, thought provoking.

Reviewed by phd_travel 7 / 10

Different with interesting dialog

A middle aged woman likes being mistress to married men but wants nothing more than her independence. Of course the best friend and her is there and the crux of the movie is will they find love with each other. Oddly the main character has a point wanting to be independent. Some may find what she is doing distasteful but somehow when she rationalizes it things make sense. Jane Seymour is one of the youngest looking actresses of her generation. She is so slim. And her face doesn't look botoxed or worse like many actresses her age. It's nice to hear her speaking in her native English accent.

Not a typical middle aged rom com but worth watching.

Reviewed by juneebuggy 4 / 10

Jane Seymour looked like she was going to eat Parker Stevenson

Jane Seymour was the reason I initially watched and then stuck through this. She plays a woman who relishes her life as a mistress, only having relationships with married men, she then finds her feelings tested by an old friend but can't admit it.

Not a great movie, on a made for T.V/ Hallmarkish sort of style & budget, it was nice to see a woman Jane's age, with...gasp... wrinkles in a romance, she's still beautiful. There are some kinda gross love scenes, even disregarding the age factor that had way too much open mouthed kissing, Jane looked like she was going to eat Parker Stevenson at one point, I had too look away.

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