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Reviewed by killwit 5 / 10

Awesome movie with awesome characters.

OK, this is a weird one! When i started watching this movie i thought it was going to be boring as hell with no funny parts whatsoever (Only really light stuff) but i was wrong... This movie is SO weird and thats what makes it gold. Bam Margera has proved he can direct an amazingly funny movie without a very large budget. All of the characters in this movie are all from Viva La Bam, Jackass and the CKY movies. The movie starts off a little boring but moves its way up while the film goes and i had to watch the whole thing (I WAS going to turn it off).

Im also surprised to see Don Vito in this movie considering his probation on which he isn't allowed to play the role of "Don Vito" (You know, the way he acts) but in this he still seems the old Vito and still cant speak properly and stupid.

Anyway, you gotta see this movie if your a VLB, Jackass or CKY fan as this is great - 8/10.

Reviewed by conyates 6 / 10

Crap.... BUT FUNNY!!!

It's by far not the bast thing Bam Margera has produced, "HAGGARD" is way better but still I personally think that "HAGGARD" and "MINGHAGS" are not meant to be serious, and if they are then they were a very poor attempt at movies. I still however really liked them BOTH, "MINGHAGS" I think could have been and had the potential to be WAY better, nevertheless still a really funny movie.

Reviewed by cekadah 6 / 10

made me laff

this film is stupid, cheap, completely a waste of - "whatever".

the total nonsense and vulgarity and cheap shots is what i mostly enjoyed! this movie made me laugh and i've actually watched it twice.

the title tells you everything you need to know about what this movie offers! don't expect high tone comedy. this is 21st century burlesque for anyone spoiled by cable/satellite TV reality shows and the other 'crap' it serves up. and then the director successfully brought it down a few notches. the old man and the two gay guys are worth watching the entire movie!!!

it doesn't pretend to be anything other than what you are seeing and i luved it!

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