Mile... Mile & a Half



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LawnBoy-4 8 / 10

Nice, breezy little doc

Filled with great cinematography and light-hearted stories/accounts, this doc is an enjoyable look at a 25-day hike along the JMT by a group of film professionals who also happen to be friends. Is it an Errol Morris-level documentary? No, but it is quite entertaining nonetheless, especially for the novice outdoor enthusiast or someone who is simply seeking to live vicariously through a group that is hiking through beautiful country.

There are no hiking tips or technical discussions here because such is not the point. This is simply a film designed to provide the viewer with a pleasant "vacation" in the form of a hike that most will never have the time to complete.

My recommendation is to just dispense with any cynicism and enjoy the journey.

Reviewed by JohnLadd 8 / 10

Very true to the experience of hiking the JMT

I've hiked the JMT for years, usually as a solo but sometimes in groups. This movie is very true to the crazy, collective experience of the trail. It catches the exhaustion, the exhilaration, the inevitable problems that arise, the feeling that the trail is going on forever. Every JMT hiker who has seen it has been very, very impressed with how well the experience has been captured.

I am not the movie expert that many reviewers here are, but I at least think it holds its own as a documentary. Good humor, great visuals, and the sound recording is awesome and really adds to the film. I bought the DVD after viewing the film in a preview session and I plan to show it to anyone who asks me about the experience.

Reviewed by blueklister 9 / 10

Best film on the John Muir Trail

This is a really well put together film. Before it was released, I was only hoping for a really good documentary on the Muir Trail, but after seeing it, I realize it's about the people that visit the Muir Trail and as one of the participants put it, it's not about the places you go, it's the people you choose to do them with. Everything about this film is well done, from the cinematography, to the great music written by Opus Orange, to the great sound, to the storyline. The original intent was to come back from the hike and create a short, 3 minute feature, but upon their return they discover they have over 30 hours of footage. Raising over $80,000 for post-production on Kickstarter, they create more than a collection of footage, they make a real movie. It is inspiring and enlightening and makes you want to go hike the Muir Trail. This is 90 minutes well spent.

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