2024 [SPANISH]

Action / Drama / Fantasy / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by denis-rohlinsky 2 / 10

Looked goethic movie, but just looked...

Just one more parody of Antichrist 2009. A lot of abstract unreachable senses. But unfortunately movie it self is senseless. Did not have any point of opinion, chaos its self. Antichrist show you the violence just for violence, without sense, example of hell from some perspective, and one movie enough to understand, it's was an original feeling. But this one unfortunately did not show something new, something more, then his original prototype. Only repeating previous senseless feelings, without exploring the idea, what we can understand, kill something or someone is bad, psycho is bad, and in the end you can meet demon finally. Cool)

Reviewed by curtispeace 1 / 10

ugh more artsy fartsy nonsense

This movie does not deserve such a long review it's silent I guess it stays silent I had to give up on it and presumably if you read the description of the movie you understand more or less where it's going my words now are probably boring you to death the same way I felt when I started to watch the movie these days so many actors or actresses or artists or directors or producers or movie makers think they are making something so deep which deserves our attention this is not an example of anything that deserves anyone's attention it is pretentious and it seems these movies where they speak Castilian or Spanish whatever it would have been if they were speaking are some attempt to be artsy fartsy they succeeded at least as much in that skip it do your laundry or clip your toenails instead it would be much more interesting than this try again everyone involved in this movie the expressions on the girl's face are just ridiculous over acting.

Reviewed by / 10

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