Men Behind the Sun 3: A Narrow Escape

1994 [CN]


IMDb Rating 3.5/10 10 307 307


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mic_ 3 / 10

Don't bother with this one

"Men behind the sun 3" is basically a boring attempt to build a story around a few of the soldiers in unit 731. Where the first movie was a shocker in graphical content, MBTS 3 is a drag and adds nothing new in terms of gore. Apparently, director Godfrey Ho (or possibly the producers) decided that having any special effects would be too expensive, so they cut in clips from the previous movies at more or less random places - something that seems to be a key part of Ho's film-making philosophy.

Reviewed by paulgeaf 3 / 10

Give this a miss!

Well after seeing the much lauded (amongst my weird friends at least!!) 'Men Behind The Sun', I ventured to watch the second in the series of films. The second one was good, I will leave the rest for my review on that. Now, on to this one, the strangely supposed 'third' movie in this series but I find myself wondering if it really is, it has so little in common with the other two.

Firstly this movie is not like the others in that they are seriously disturbing, they try to shock and, mostly the first film succeeds. This movie has some clips right off of the first movie just thrown in randomly and not even to good use either. this film meanders from one thing to another and never really keeps a grip on a solid plot. the plot is spread thinly over many different sub plots and weak, uninteresting characters that I think we are supposed to care about in some way. Most people watching this would only be looking for more liquid nitrogen hands being chipped away or more screaming and experiments but nope, this movie tries to give us plots and it cannot even do that!

It was so slow that, at a few different points in the movie I was distracted by a blank patch of wall opposite me. I think the way the light was hitting the paint was just ... fascinating, relative to the movie that is.

Like another guy here says, this is NOT WORTHY of the Man/Men Behind The sun name. AVOID!

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 4 / 10

Not worthy of "Man Behind the Sun" title.

Unit 731 has to shut down its base in Manchuria and all evidence that it existed must be destroyed.During the shut down,a soldier gets infected with some plague and ends up riding a train back home and somehow this means there is a "biological time bomb,aimed at the heart of the Japanese empire".The first "Man Behind the Sun" is incredibly disturbing and devastating film,on the other hand "Laboratory of the Devil" is just a rip-off of the original with some scenes of shocking violence added for good measure."Narrow Escape" mostly takes place on a train.The film is loaded with flashbacks of graphic experiments from the previous installments and offers literally nothing fresh or interesting.Unfortunately they didn't replay the scene of the guy having his innards squeezed out of him inside the pressure chamber.So if you want to watch this one for sickening violence and gore you'll be sorely disappointed.Watch only "Man Behind the Sun" and "The Nanking Massacre"-don't bother with Godfrey Ho's uninteresting rip-offs.

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