Maybe It's You



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 73%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
IMDb Rating 5.7/10 10 239 239


Top cast

Molly McCook as Taylor
Brett Dier as Peter
Andre Anthony as Fancy Restaurant Waiter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gavink-22420 1 / 10

Don't Bother - Horrible

I am disgusted I wasted my time on this movie.

I found the characters to be extremely annoying, some even downright unlikable. I couldn't stand the "banter" between the two main characters. It was grating. In my opinion, none of the characters had any chemistry with each other, so the fact this was meant to be a rom-com is a head scratcher.

I know a lot of people are unhappy with the ending, which I can understand. But given how the entire movie went, I was not shocked with how it played out.

I would warn if you are lookong for a fun, pick me up movie to steer clear of this one. This movie did not bring any smiles to my face, and I did not laugh once.

Reviewed by danteasdale458 7 / 10

A fun experience with an ending that made me sad

Maybe it's you was a fun romantic comedy with great performances all around.

Unfortunalty, like some of the other reviewers said... its ending made me sad and I don't think it should have ended like that.

Basically best friends end up dating after they both become single. Their chemestry is amazing It ends up taking a turn for the worst when you see this amazing and fun guy turn into a total jerk bag. The stuff he ends up doing is so not fair and will most likely make you a little angry.

Id say it's totally worth a watch for our characters fun chemistry but be prepared to most liked now how it ends.

Reviewed by Abettysdesk 4 / 10

Bad ending

I liked the movie, it was funny and clever and refreshing, and I liked all the snappy comebacks between the two lead characters. They were very credible. I would have definitely liked to watch it again if it were not for the ending. But it was not a Hallmark movie. It doesn't get all tied up in a bow at the end like you think it's going to be. There was a tiny bit of language and sex.

I hardly ever write reviews, but I'm just so mad at the way the movie ended! I think I would've given it a 7 or an 8 if it had had a better ending. Very unhappy about the ending. Did you catch on that I do not like the ending? ;)

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