Maybe Baby


Comedy / Romance

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Kelly Reilly as Nimnh
Shelley Conn as Nurse 2
Hugh Laurie as Sam Bell
Emma Thompson as Druscilla
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by afterdarkpak 6 / 10

Good start... very stupid in the end.

Ok the performance is good , direction and production quality somehow decent for British cinema . A kinda comedy , especualy Mr bean part.. he is the legend . i love him.

The movie goes exciting, and nice.. but it got very stupid and hateful (for the decent viewer) when the suspense start in the end. so it ruins the movie very bad.


how it ruined?. Husband n wife trying to have baby .. they both love each other. even she has fantasy about another guy (co-worker)in start. and almost cheated but saved.. and she also keep her thoughts in diary where husband use it for the movie.. from that point movie is Good..

so movie goes crap after that, when wife found it and leave the husband. but where? .. she goes to another man and start relationship? .. and most important she got pregnant with another man's child.. and then she reconcile with husband ? . why . because she told him that another man dont want a baby n relationship.. means she want it but another man dont want it . so husband n wife got back together...

i think , it would be little decent n good , if she stayed alone instead of sleeping with another guy . thats really bad idea in this movie.

Reviewed by mjw2305 7 / 10

Enjoyable and funny

Sam (Hugh Laurie) and Lucy (Joely Richardson) are the perfect couple, they have everything they could possible want, everything that is, except a baby. Sam is trying to write a screen play about a couple trying for a baby, but Lucy is not keen on the idea and forbids him to write it; the trouble is, Sam's creativity has to be fulfilled somehow?

With some wonderful comedy names like - Hugh Laurie, Joanna Lumley, Dawn French, Emma Thompson, Rowan Atkinson, etc. you would be right to expect this to be a riot, and although not quite as funny as it could be, it is still a funny film and it does have a strong script and a very interesting story.

7/10 a good addition to the British comedies, but it's not the best

Reviewed by Britlaw 6 / 10


This romantic comedy lost its way a bit leaving it only partly romantic and I'm afraid not always very funny. There are a few shots at Auntie (the BBC for our overseas readers) and several very good lines though some may be very familiar to those who have seen writer Ben Elton's stand up show or his BBC series.

A full cast of 80s alternative comedians makes their appearance, Emma Thompson almost looking identical to her mother in 'Saving Grace' in her mad hippie cameo and Dawn French affecting a bizarre Aussie accent as a nurse.

Hugh Laurie does well as always in his role as a sort of alternative 90s Cary Grant and James Purefoy will get most people's juices running (cf. the line by Joanna Lumley's character quoted in an earlier comment) but all in all this just wasn't funny enough, I don't know why, perhaps there were just too many targets.

Only 6/10 from me I'm afraid.

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