Maske: Nezaketle Tebessüm

2023 [TURKISH]


IMDb Rating 7.4/10 10 567 567


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eczaneasu 10 / 10

An amazing Turkish movie

The plot is really exciting and makes you wonder what will happen next. That's a hard thing to do in Turkish cinema. It's also a new experience for us, Turkish watchers. I will look forward to see more movies from these producers and actors. Thank you for this awesome experience.

The plot is about a guy named Baris. He had a hard childhood because of his father's mistakes. He was never loved and his father left him when he was young.

The mistake of his father was to be fooled. Remembering this mistake and knowing that his father wasn't a bad man, he started to fool others. He picks a random job and tries to to that without any knowledge of the topic. That made him popular with the police as people didn't like what he was doing.

That's the basic explanation of the plot. The plot grows and changes every second during the movie. And that what makes the movie interesting and easy to watch. It's definitely worth your time.

Reviewed by amehmetderli 9 / 10


It's great to see this kind of work in Turkish cinema. But this film isn't tied to any specific country. Its humor is universal without any confusing local references. I'm surprised I didn't notice this movie in theaters. It was hard to find, and now I'll need to make an effort to watch it again. In a comedy-heavy film like this, I've never felt so emotional before. The poetic parts are really moving. Honestly, I didn't fully understand the poetic sections. The costumes at the masked ball scene, I can't find the right words. All the costumes in the movie are amazing, but that particular scene is incredibly well done. And when it comes to the general subject, only a few legendary films have been able to give me the shocks that this series provided. In this aspect, it had a good progression and a successful ending.

Reviewed by onure8 7 / 10

sadder but wiser

A saying from an African country: "A child who is not loved by his village burns the village down when he returns to feel the warmth of love." says. Even though the story is very confusing, the fact that such original productions come out of us is amazing no matter how you look at it. The acting is quite on point. There is a pinch of deficiency, but I don't know exactly where. Other than that, I likened it to the Airplane story in Szifron's movie Relatos Salvajes. The child's play that appears at the beginning of the film puts the film in a difficult impasse as it progresses. As the film gets more serious, it collapses under itself like a leviathan. The reason for this is the twists on the side characters.

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