Mascarpone: The Rainbow Cake

2024 [ITALIAN]

Comedy / Romance

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Reviewed by Iamtiredofrubbish 5 / 10

Was a sequel really needed

I have absolutely adored the first movie simply because it was quite relatable to modern day relationships, be it hetero or queer, the core was same. Even though movie ended in a cliffhanger, keeping the option open for Antonio and Luca to get back but also left the ending opened for everyone to give their own conclusion. But then came the sequel. And the hope for Luca Antonio getting back together was building to end up crumbled. My first thought was, why Luca came to see Antonio in the first place after 3 years? Why one bad review made him empathetic to sought Antonio out and take him to his shelter? He himself was in a relationship but still wasn't happy to see Antonio and Dario. The story was building towards giving them a happy ending with each other, but it took a different turn, so why building that hope for the audience? In a realistic way i could understand if this was more of a journey of Antonio to learn bout himself and understand his wants and needs better, only if Luca wasn't reciprocating and was being friendly, would have worked for me. But there was longing from his end too, which totally undermines the way it ended. Well, at least the ending was sweet, Antonio might be getting his new prince charming, though Dario was so nice, shouldn't have let him go. So again, what was the necessity to bring Luca in? This movie could have been done without him and the result would have been same, Antonio looking for new inspiration, buying the old bakery and finding his prince charming walking in through the bakery door. Luca was not needed.

All my stars are for the actors for putting on such great performances, just like the first time. The natural interactions between all of them is what made the movies more human. I have immensely enjoyed the character Dario. And thoroughly missed Denis. Wish the outcome was different and i know u don't always get what u want, but still, that little flakes of disappointment gonna fluttering around for sure.

Reviewed by andredejongh 10 / 10

Loved it as much as the first one, we now also need Part 3!

Again, a really beautiful, well developed and grown up film. The first film was a coming of age film where Antonio learned to be independent. In this second one he has to learn to not dwell on the past. Luca and Antonio both moved on for three years. Luca built a whole new life with a new important friends and family really. Antonio became very successful, but his heart is not in it. He followed the advice of his teacher from the first film: don't be passionate, be technically accurate, focused and precise. This is what he exactly did: he created a successful venture with national fame. The interview with the journalist made him realise that his heart is not in it and that he does not have anyone who he is passionate about and who inspires him. The last one who did this was Luca. So what does Antonio do? He tries to relive the past. But Luca created important relationships with people, he found love even. And of course the old Luca is still inside him also. He likes to be possessive, he is fond of Antonio and he can be very jealous also. But the old Luca got lost and Antonio is leading Luca away from the people he loves. One review in here was disappointed that Luca and Antonio didn't get together at the end. I understand it. I also really wanted them to be a real couple. But it is not how things go in life. The writers did a very good job. They have profound insight into the workings of the human heart, soul and people's daily lives and struggles. It is beautiful that in both films we do not get a Hollywood ending. For me this means that this needs to be a trilogy. A third installment where Antonio does find real love. Because we all want him to find real love. And as he grows older we can do a part 4, 5 and 6 even. To see how life develops when Antonio and the others are middle aged. Gay films and gay culture, gay public life is ruled by the 20- and 30-somethings. In the future I'd like to see an Antonio when he is 40, 50, 60 and even 70 and 80 years old. But for now, we need to know who came entered the 'The Denis' and thus we need to have a part 3. Thank you for the realness of the emotions. Wished I was part of these films. Unfortunately not. But thank you, Alessandro Guida: two beautiful films. Keep it up, please.

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