Maruta 2: Laboratory of the Devil

1992 [CHINESE]

Drama / Horror / Thriller / War

IMDb Rating 4.3/10 10 672 672


Top cast

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by oneofthetwelve 3 / 10

If you haven't seen the original movie, you may like this

Watched the original Men Behind the Sun, and then this sequel. This was English dubbed though. Cantonese version may have been way better. Anyway, from the 1st 2 minutes I felt this is some awkward attempt to ride on the "success" of the first movie.

Story about Japanese biological weapons development with some off-topic (maybe I missed something?) autopsies. Some shots are clearly ripped from the first one, like the liquid nitrogen demonstrations and when the leader dude stands in front of the japan flag & his "army". If you haven't seen the original movie, you may like this, anyway I was so much disappointed I recommend watching "Men Behind the Sun" or even "Mermaid in a Manhole" instead, and skip this one.

Reviewed by paulgeaf 5 / 10

Interesting...maybe shocking..

I liked this film. I have seen the first one too and unlike what others have said, I don't think it mattered that much, I still enjoyed both. The worst scenes are not as scary or shocking as I had expected, still, on a par with the first movie so you won't be disappointed! I didn't find the film slow at all, the story was actually quite interesting and filmed with such a macabre/melancholy atmosphere that it worked well. Pity the English dubbed version I watched would have taken away the atmosphere from hearing the original audio track and dialogue. Still, it managed to convey the feeling. I am now going to get the third one and I expect it to be worse than either of the first two as there are only so many ways of telling the same story right...?

Reviewed by Coventry 4 / 10

It has got guts...literally

Even though I swore to myself I would never lay eyes again on 'Men behind the Sun' or any of its sequels, I am now reviewing part 2. Go figure! I guess the call of the extremes just was too irresistible. At least now I clearly recall why I took this pledge…. These films are almost unbearable. The 'Men behind the Sun' franchise might as well be the most controversial and shocking series of films ever made (maybe a tie with the 'Guinea Pig' series, though) and handles about despicably explicit experiments performed on prisoners in a Japanese army base during WWII. These unfriendly Japs are developing germ-bombs to disable their enemies and a whole lot of other sick stuff involving nitroglycerine etc… There's an ultra-thin wraparound story about a young soldier who's sent to serve in the camp against his will but that's of minor importance. This second chapter is less repulsive than the original, but still contains more than enough sequences to make your stomach turn. Luckily the make-up effects are often cheesy and unquestionably fake. The acting is weak and the directing (by Hong Kong B-movie legend Ho) is atrocious. This is a film without any values. The only reason why it is made is because the DVD looks good in a cult-collection like mine.

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