Marriage is a Crazy Thing

2002 [KOREAN]

Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 83%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 83% · 500 ratings
IMDb Rating 6.9/10 10 1232 1.2K


Top cast

Uhm Junghwa as Yeon-hee
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by refresh_daemon 8 / 10

A rather interestingly told story about trust and the decisions we make

Marriage Is a Crazy Thing is poet-become-director Yu Ha's second feature, starring Corean pop star Uhm Jung Hwa, now a veteran in the pop scene.

Yu, who also wrote the screenplay, crafts a story about a man, Junyoung, and a woman, Yeonhee, who meet on a blind date and begin a love affair, which only becomes complicated when she gets married. While I think many that watch this film will see a film about a woman who gets to "have her cake and eat it too", in terms of marrying for money and having a lover on the side (see the Eagles song, "Lying Eyes"), the protagonist is actually the man and I read it as a story about a guy who's both too stupid and cynical to understand this woman that he's become attached to.

The film features many cute moments, including times where the two pose as newlyweds or a married couple, which only seems to spike the irony in my mind that the main character doesn't seem to get. And so it appears to be a sort of tragedy and I read it as such. The photography is modern, clean and with a few touches of flourish in an otherwise classical style. The acting is believable and the story is interesting, but not quite engrossing. There are also a few lovemaking scenes with explicit dialog and a very mildly kinky twist.

I think I was most impressed with how neat the entire package is, from a well drafted story, to developed characters, all the visual and audio elements well put together and a rather interesting message that, I feel, is subtle enough that not everyone might get it. As such, I have to say that this was surprisingly enjoyable to watch and left me with a few things to think about as well, as I reach the upper years of my 20s, getting ready to step into the 30s that the principles live in. Recommendable (to mature audiences, of course). 8/10.

Reviewed by FilmySushrut 8 / 10

Another Masterpiece out of South Korea

When I fist read the plot, I though it was going to be one of those twisted Hollywood sexual social dramas but with an Asian touch to it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was indeed wrong.

This movie has some wild scenes but they don't seem incongruent or raunchy. They blend in with the social circumstances and with the personalities of the characters. The plot outlines the lives of two individuals who don't relish the idea of marriage which is, for lack of a better word, imperative for social harmony according to the Korean society. They however get along very well since they share amongst other things, a desire for closure and personal comfort.

The movie is very well directed with full credit going to its impeccable screenplay. The acting is fabulous with both the lead actor and actress doing a splendid job.

Overall, I would give this a 9/10

Thank you

Reviewed by Jithindurden 8 / 10

Subtle and mature

Starts of as an ordinary South Korean romantic drama then took turn into something that is close to films like Friends With Benefits and No Strings Attached but then showed that it is much more than any of that. The similarities to the mentioned films stay only in the outline of the film as the difference in culture plays a big part there. It avoided the complexities of infidelity and showed the melancholic happiness that is found by the confused people who can't act above what the society is forcing upon them. The emotions are conveyed very subtly while the trivial events and the intimacy is portrayed in a straightforward manner without too much manipulation. The director being a former poet seem to understand exactly how to deal with real emotions.

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