Marlon Wayans: Good Grief


Comedy / Documentary

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 86%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 86%
IMDb Rating 6.1/10 10 201 201


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jpclevprops 10 / 10

Over the line, vulgar, and Originally Brilliant

This is my facorite comedic special of the year if your ride with it. I don't usually like this guy, but this older more mature version is turning up. I am optimistic for the second half of his career.

The content in this special is raw, and you will not see Netflix specials that come close to the level of vulgarity and sometimes meanness that Wayans exhibits.

No one has really touched on the topics he does in this special and it is hilarious if you ride with it. He goes much farther than you I was expecting or frankly ready for him to go.

But he brings it back on track in each circumstance, keeping it light while playing with the darkness. I hope folks respect this for the masterpiece it is. Its apparent he (and probably his team also) put a lot of work into this.

Reviewed by hiphopphotos 2 / 10


While I'm an old die-hart fan of the Wayans family, I was excited optimistic and hopeful that I would not only get some good laughs, but that I would have some insight on a family we all wish we had. Sadly, I was disappointed-I'm certain his jokes came from a place of pain but I don't think the audience really needed an insight on his experiences that were all but funny! I sat there watching in wonder of what his famous siblings thought! I even tried to understand the funny flip side of it all, but unfortunately that side never flipped. I did chuckle when he discussed the 'great Shaquille O'Neal-but that smile was quickly saddened when he noted who should've been killed from all great NBA giants.

Reviewed by OneAnjel 4 / 10

Depressing and vulgar

There's 2 critic reviews on this show and both clearly have a sense of closeness to Marlon that I don't have, blubbering on and on about the honesty and vulnerability of this comedy special. But I, personally, don't tap Play on a comedy to hear about death, regret, and heartache. Especially not with the N word substituted for each verb, adjective and comma. Think of the last time you heard your male cousins all in the corner of the yard at the bbq trying to console that one dude that got stood up, spit on, run over all in one week. Marlon is that one dude here. But unlike that backyard convo where the N word substitutes for feelings and the meaning changes by the way its said, here Marlon seems to be just trying to use it as a way to interrupt the heavy topics, like someone insulting you but calling you babe and honey in between to throw you off.

I skipped ahead a few times but that didn't get me past the droning self-examination and geriatric potty humor.

If you want to reflect on how you've treated your parents and listen to revelations about life and death, then give this a try.

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