1959 [FRENCH]

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Reviewed by lise-grivois 8 / 10

Many stars casted for that movie

This movie is casted with the best french actors of the time ; everyone of them made a sparkling career : Danièle Darrieux, Paul Meurisse, Lino Ventura, Bernard Blier, Paul Le Guers, Sege Reggiani, both in movies and theater. Many are second roles performers who illustrated themselves in mystery movies. The dialogues are witty; may be you have to know french to appreciate it to the most. The violence is in the heavy atmosphere unlike actual movies,although some scenes are physical.The plot is intelligent like an Agatha Christie and well organized by the Director. Jean Duvivier is one of the best of his generation. I would recommend it to any movie lovers.

Reviewed by writers_reign 8 / 10

Path Of Least Resistance

This late offering (1959) from one of the all-time great French directors Julien Duvivier, with a taut script by Henri Jeanson makes for a very entertaining experience. An ex-Resistance member whose code-name was Marie-Octobre (Danielle Darrieux) gathers the old Group together several years after the war for a Reunion-cum-unmasking because back in 1944 one of the Group was killed by another member and now it's pay-back time. Duvivier skillfully manipulates his actors - some of the finest in French cinema at the time - without allowing either them or his camera to leave the confines of the house. Of course one could argue that Agatha Christie did it first but there's always room for well-done drama of this nature and with actors of the calibre of Paul Meurisse, Lino Ventura, Bernard Blier, Serge Reggiani and, of course, Danielle Darrieux a great time is had by all.

Reviewed by wrvisser-leusden-nl 8 / 10

very much talking

This movie is more like a theater-play: very much talking and hardly any action. All talking is done in French, and deals with a very haunting issue: in 1959 a former French resistance group reunites to search themselves for a traitor who killed one of them back in 1944. In this way a real Agatha Christie-like plot develops, all set in the long dark shadows of World War II and its horrors. Leading female star Danielle Darrieux gives a glittering performance, both in her talking and in her presence. The male cast around her consists of some of the greatest French actors at the time. 'Marie-Octobre' is not an easy movie to watch: you have to concentrate on it. If you do so, you'll be swept along onto its climax and surprising end.

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