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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by smakawhat 8 / 10

viewers awarded... in the end

Madadayo chronicles the life of a retired professor who lives vicariously through all the students he has taught. The students admire him greatly, he is visited often and many stay to listen to his whimsy and foolish stories. The professor is a child at heart, and not much really happens. The film doesn't have a plot really, and only 2 things start to focus around the story one being the loss of the professors house after the allied bombing, and the loss of a stray cat he adopts years later.

To the viewer though there is much in between stories and people to digest such as a great celebratory dinner that is held every year, and so on. To some degree I will admit I liked the camradare that I witnessed, the great dialogue, the professors childish personality, but I wanted the film to move forward and to at least give me something to focus on.

The lost cat scene was a good distraction but it did go a little more longer than neccesary. I find this often sometimes in Kurosawa's work (The lost gun in Stray Dogs, following the suspect in High and Low reminded me of this). However, the hallmarks of his great filmmaking are apparent in the dinner scenes, cinematography, and conversations. He also provides scenes that the viewer could take as obligatory (such as a death, or the possible return of the cat), but Kurosawa changes this so the outcome is not what you expect but refreshing.

However, the best is saved for last... litteraly. As I was waiting for the film to end, the hallmark of greatness arrives without question in the span of what must have been only 5 minutes. The ending just wraps up everything so perfectly, and it made me from just liking the film to instantly loving it. It gives a real insight into the professors mind who is greatly admired and respected.

Rating 8 out of 10

Reviewed by aleksandarsarkic 8 / 10

Perfect movie for the end of one masterful directing career

Madadayo was last movie of legendary director Akira Kurosawa, and what a great way to end fantastic directing career spanning 50 years. I have watched nearly more than half of his work, but somehow i didn't watched Madadayo to this day, and i have missed a lot, this movie is beautiful. It is long and slow paced like many others Kurosawa's movies, but it's worth in the end, ending is simply beautiful it is sad but peaceful at the same time, like every other natural death. The most i like in this movie is the message to be good in your life to yourself and to others and you will live the peaceful quite life to the end, the connection of professor with his students is very touching, from beginning to the end. I see that many people complain on the part of the movie with missing cat, but i also like that part, and see the coming of new cat as metaphor for never ending circle of reincarnation. I am really recommending this movie to all lovers of Akira Kurosawa's work and Japanese cinema, and to all people who still have soul and heart, i am not recommending to people who don't like slow paced movie and movie with many dialogues. My grade 8/10.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 8 / 10

So much better than I remembered!

The first time I saw Madadayo(Kurasawa's final film), staying with a German pen pal(who was into Kurasawa and considered Madadayo one of her favourites) on a music course, I was largely unfamiliar with Akira Kurasawa's style and found myself underwhelmed. Bear in mind, this was five years ago, and having seen more of his films over the years I thought let's give Madadayo a second chance. And I am glad I did after purchasing the DVD. While nowhere near his best film(I can think of at least seven or eight movies of his that deserve that distinction), Madadayo was much better than I remembered, now I consider it one of his underrated and one of his better films of the post-Ran period. The missing cat sequence does go on for too long, and the film drags in spots. However, it has all the Kurasawa trademarks, especially the delicate direction, superb camera work and beautiful scenery. The music score gives a both reflective and dignified touch to the film, the story does resonate with the audience especially the ending and the characters particularly the professor do interest even if they are not as complex or as dimensional as some of Kurasawa's other work. The acting is naturalistic and engaging at least, with the professor beautifully played. Overall, I'm glad I gave Madadayo a chance because while it is never going to be one of my favourite films there is still much to admire. 8/10 Bethany Cox

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