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Naomi Matsuda as Aunt Mei
James Hyde as Paddy
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Reviewed by Avidviewer-02847 1 / 10

Another dumb ROE rom-com.

Another Reel One Entertainment (ROE) rom-com, apparently made for F&F. They are quickly produced movies with low quality scripts and low quality acting. This is another stupid plot and script.

Making cosmetics in the US is controlled by US states and the federal Food and Drug Administration and involves permits and inspections. It's like setting up a restaurant or a food truck without licenses and health department inspections. They'd get shut down in a New York minute. Same with cosmetics manufacturing.

This isn't the "Little House on the Prairie" era where anyone could open a business and could even call themselves a physician without those annoying licenses.

Reviewed by boriskaiser 7 / 10

Pretty good comedy

Another day and another low budget Reel One Entertainment TV movie but this one is actually pretty good. Technically it's all right movie. There is almost no stock footage, it was shot in basically the real location where the movie takes place, I noticed few bad cuts but they are minimal, and audio production is good. The only real issue is that in several scenes music was a bit of loud. Music score could be bit better, too, as ROE has some pretty good music in their catalog.

This is the first time for Margie Mays to play as a lead, and the second time for Alex Trumble. Both were fine just like the whole cast. Personally, I think Brian Robert Burns was the most convincing.

Both writers had a debut, director managed to properly execute it, and that's the strongest point of this TV movie. I mean it's the stereotypical story about small home startup cosmetic company trying to make breakthrough, it's predictable, most things that happen are obvious or telegraphed, but it was executed so well...

What is really weird is that ROE market this TV movie as romance and family. It's obviously not a family movie, and neither is romance one. If you expect romance, skip it as roughly 80% is light hearted comedy, and the rest is drama. There is romance in the realm of statistical error, and there is nothing wrong with it. Just don't take it too much seriously, and you'll enjoy.

And don't watch trailer (not posted on IMDb for some reason) as this is ROE and it shows everything.

Reviewed by / 10

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