Lover Stalker Killer


Action / Crime / Documentary

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sleepin_Dragon 8 / 10

A twisted, but bizarrely interesting documentary.

A mechanic moves on from a relationship, and starts online dating, he meets a woman, and the pair hit it off, when he decides to move on, she takes to some pretty drastic and shocking revenge tactics.

Wow, this was one incredibly interesting and intriguing documentary, at times it almost felt quite difficult to believe that events here, were actually really life, had it been a thriller on the big screen, you'd say elements were far fetched.

Very well made and nicely edited, it's well paced, it benefits from the 90 minute running time.

You can only imagine what was going through Liz's mind, she must have spent ages trawling The web, and plotting, it makes you shudder to think who's out there, and worse, these people are in dating websites.

Poor Carrie, to have been caught up in this horrendous story.

It definitely shows the dangers of online dating, and interestingly it shows that it's not just the men that are bad out there.


Reviewed by mamet-94713 7 / 10

Better than average but....

This is actually better than most Netflix crime documentaries.

For one it doesn't have several useless episodes with information that keeps on repeating in order to fill the time. It's a relatively zippy 1h30 and there is very little filler.

I've got three qualms about this that keeps me from giving it a higher rating.

1- If I could figure out within 15 minutes what was going on how come the first cops couldn't? There's no information about the cops' ineptitude in handling the initial case.

2- The prosecutor says this will be a hard case to prove, no slam dunk etc. And then the film makers spend all of two minutes on the actual court case. That's shoddy film making.

3- What was the perpetrators motives? The mindset etc. Nothing was explained or explored and that made for a less than compelling ending.

Netflix almost knocked it out of the park with this one.

Reviewed by AudioFileZ 9 / 10

Actually Painful To Watch, & Should Be

Couples with children that are divorced are, sadly, an everyday occurrence. Usually the best case scenario is when the couple stays civil, even caring, especially for the sake of their children. In this case the ex-husband cares to move to the state where his ex relocated with their children to remain a close father. This should have been a good thing for all. It wasn't. It set up a long chain of most unbelievable events involving mental harassment and murder. Dave, the father, got a new job close to his ex and kids which took a turn for the worse when he began a new relationship with a woman named Liz. Liz was independent having her own cleaning business and had some mutual interests which seemed to suit Dave who wasn't looking to settle down any time soon. What seemed innocuous enough was anything but.

Stalking and harassment cases sometimes aren't as cut and dried as other criminal acts. Especially when some very real cloak and dagger methodology is employed. In this case it involved texts and emails, thousands of them, using a myriad of fake IP addresses. In time it would get past the point of threats with physical criminal acts. But from who? A person that was reported as missing who early police investigators shrugged off because she couldn't be located. Shouldn't this ramp things up to a boil? Apparently not. Early on there was zero attempts, at least as documented here, by police to apply digital forensics to the only leads they had, those texts and emails. Is this good detective work? Far from it seemingly, as hundreds ever more threatening texts and criminal acts played out. Dave, his ex, and children's lives were being totally ruined with fear for their lives.

It takes a smaller Sheriff's department with a core of three very dedicated officers to break the case. A case that could have been cracked much earlier if the initial police department had made it a priority. The perpetrator was, perhaps, deemed as an unsophisticated cleaning person not capable of a long-term campaign of digital and worse criminality. Initially, just as she elaborately schemed, she was a victim too as far as that first police department roundly accepted. This changed as the three officers working the case in that small Sheriff's department were certain the author of all of this evil was not who it seemed. In fact, they were sure the supposed text and email author was very much dead. From there they knew who to truly look at. This case took far too long to break as it harmed lives irreparably in the interim. A sense of these innocent people's sorrow hangs heavily as such. It absolutely makes this a hard crime documentary to watch. It should too as law enforcement should be far more sophisticated and involved as seen in the earlier years here. That small Sheriff's department with the three amazing officers are true heroes who should be lauded for their dogged dedication and work. They serve as a shining examples of the best of their craft.

I've been heavy on the story, but the way it's presented here it seems too real not to be discussed. The producers of this documentary takes the viewer on a very deep and disturbing ride genuinely exposing evil can be the person right next to you. It makes for an uneasy watch because even those who seem far from capable are actually very capable of the darkest of evil events. I have to call this a very interesting and well done expose of the darkest parts of humanity. Thankfully, our three heroes offer some much needed light which I believe anyone watching welcomes.

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