Lovely, Dark, and Deep


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 89% · 38 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38% · 50 ratings
IMDb Rating 4.8/10 10 1207 1.2K

Top cast

Wai Ching Ho as Zhang
Nick Blood as Jackson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aivilovee 4 / 10

Great premise, disappointing turn

This movie seemed really promising initially. A Ranger getting wrapped up in a missing person's case with her own missing loved one in her past? Sign me up.

But it didn't go that route. Without spoiling too much, it decided to go a trippy, metaphorical route without establishing enough about this character and her own memories. It was just a scape of meaningless hallucinations for most of the movie. That kind of thing only works if there's a reality check often enough that we get scared questioning what's real and what's not. Instead, I was wondering when the unreal stuff was going to finally end.

The ending was incredibly disappointing and overall mid. If you ask me, not worth the runtime. Watch The Ritual instead if you want spooky woods with a paranormal twist about grief.

Reviewed by FrederickThornborrow 2 / 10

Frustrating, confusing, and nonsensical

What a frustrating film.

It seems to start with a decent premise, a woman becoming a park ranger to go to, and search, the park in which her sister went missing when they were kids. The protagonist in search of answers, certain something far more sinister took place than the authorities explanation.

But the film plods along somewhat aimlessly, before culminating in a puzzling journey of self-pity, grief and past events that may or may not have occurred. Lennon has to decide, will she do what she's being asked or will she refuse and sacrifice herself instead?

Well, as it turns out, she does neither.

Lennon is freed from her predicament by someone else who makes the sacrifice for her and she then decides to help the evil malevolent forces that took her sister and attempted to take her.

Why? Well, who knows. Her journey ends by finding no answers and becoming a willingly complicit party to aiding more mysterious disappearances.

Reviewed by billcr12 2 / 10


Georgina Campbell plays a park ranger who joins a flock of fellow officers to work in search and rescue operations.

A series of endless flashbacks show her as a little girl who saw her sister vanish without a trace. Thus, we have an explanation of her career choice.

At least the fashion budget was minimal as Ms. Campbell spends the entire film in a ranger's outfit.

She lives mostly in some sort of a one room cabin in the woods and heads out into the forest repeatedly in search of the lost, which includes her sister.

I was checking my clock every few minutes as I was bored to tears by the nonsensical story and I cannot recommend this movie.

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