Love Struck Café


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 31%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 31%
IMDb Rating 6.2/10 10 1559 1.6K


Top cast

Andrew W. Walker as Joe Wainright
Cassidy Nugent as Lily Wainright
Jacky Lai as Chloe
Garry Chalk as Matt Quinn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jrallios 5 / 10

An okay Hallmark movie.

This movie was your typical Hallmark fare. The thing that irritated me, and it's kind of petty, was that Megan was fixing "healthy" food for her father. He was healing up from a broken ankle and all she fixed that poor guy was salads. The man needs protein and he kept asking for meat. She in turn kept saying that while she was taking care of him he would be eating healthy. I agree, salads are healthy, but a moderate amount of meat is too. I think the writer was a vegetarian.... totally ridiculous. He would never get his strength back just eating greens.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 5 / 10

Didn't make me love struck

There is always at least one reason for wanting to see a film etc with me, in 'Love Struck Cafe's' case it was Andrew Walker. He is one of Hallmark's most regularly used actors and very popular, and to me the appeal is more than understandable. As he is one of the better and more consistent regulars, despite his filmography being very up and down. The premise did intrigue, could feel myself relating to the issues that were being explored, and had real potential to work.

'Love Struck Cafe' however is another one of those films with a premise that sounds good but the execution underwhelms. Of the three 2017 Fall Harvest films seen, the others being 'Falling for Vermont' (which to me was good and executed its equally serious theme much better) and 'Harvest Love' (which left me very conflicted), 'Love Struck Cafe' for me was the weakest and it is a case of one performance being significantly better than the film itself.

Walker is the best thing about it. His character was very frustrating, especially when he makes a decision that repeats the relationship's past history and shows no regret at the end, but Walker made a conscientious effort in bringing charm and heart as well as nuance. Did like Cassidy Nugent too, she isn't too cute and she isn't spoiled or annoying.

It is a nice looking film, with beautiful scenery that the photography doesn't waste. There are touching and charming moments and it starts off quite well. Did think that the music was quite pleasant and what is said about change and following your beliefs were relatable.

Sarah Jane Morris didn't do it for me though, found her character too cold and neurotic and didn't buy her nonsensical motivations in regard to her job (which made her every bit as frustrating as Walker's character). Morris fails to bring much warmth to the role and seemed uncomfortable. She and Walker don't illicit much chemistry together and the conflict felt forced, it would have helped if the relationship was developed a lot and if the film didn't try to do too much through one or two too many subplots.

Also found the ending very unrealistic, the pacing is rushed from trying to cram in a lot in too short a space of time and what happens is too convenient and not warranted. The dialogue is not natural and can be too soapy. The pace is erratic, sometimes fine, sometimes draggy from over stretching and then too hasty in the over-stuffed final quarter. The supporting characters are flat and the lead ones have motivations that are vague and improbable. The most likeable character actually is Nugent's.

Overall, didn't click enough for me regrettably. 5/10.

Reviewed by studioAT 7 / 10

Love Struck Café

I thought this was a better than average Hallmark film, with some lovely points made about 1st love, change and staying true to your beliefs.

The boyfriend character was quite annoying and full of himself, so that only made me root for the woman's childhood flame more.

Overall, lovely stuff. Yes, these films follow a formula, but they certainly are enjoyable.

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