Love Likes Coincidences

2011 [TURKISH]

Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 7.2/10 10 19676 19.7K

Top cast

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ocakceren-109-588933 6 / 10

An Ankara movie is always worth to see

I remember seeing this movie in İstanbul and crying my eyes out of their balls since I was in great despair to be away from my family who lived in Ankara. Though a bit ordinary, I really like the story and how it was processed. It is true that there some logical errors but I could not help but getting lost in the story and realizing these errors after the movie. Mehmet Günsür is irrefutably a very good actor, or let's say, he has become one recently. However, I strongly detest Berçim Erdoğan's acting. Not only in this movie! In short, it is a very good Ankara movie which is capable of touching the hearts of people who spent time in Ankara in the 90s.

Reviewed by cartoonheart45 8 / 10

By far the best Turkish movie I've ever seen ..

What a wonderful movie. It was powerful and inspiring.

It's obvious that the director did his best. The actors, the script and the places are very pleasant. The ending was a little expected from my part but I loved the flash-back scenes, the chemistry between the two main actors, very sincere and simple performance. I was overwhelmed by the charismatic presence of Mehmet Günsür, really great actor, now I'm really found of him. I didn't like him this much in Muhtesem Yuzyil. Usually I don't like this kinda of movies but this one was very breathtaking. Now I have an increased appetite for more Turkish movies experiences.

Reviewed by monasterace 6 / 10

Love likes too many coincidences

I saw this movie yesterday in London. The main pleasure I took from it was to see that Mehmet Günsür has become a very good actor.

I have seen him last time in an Ozpetek's movie called "Hamam-The Turkish bath" in 1997, he was very young at that time, but I remember he showed a very good performance even there in a supporter role (Alessandro Gassman was the lead character).

Going back to Ask Tesadufleri Sever, the translation of the title in English should be "Love likes coincidences" and I must say the writers went a little bit too far with the coincidences stuff making the plot too unrealistic and sometimes ridicule.

And that is a shame because the good acting (Günsür, Yigit Özsener and the actress who plays Günsür mother) and the beautiful locations of both Ankara and Istanbul could make this movie a little pearl to compete with international titles.

Worthy to be watched for the good acting and for Ankara's and Istanbul's views, but be prepared to the disappointing and sometime painful script.

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