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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shannonhjameson 6 / 10

A Cute Rom-Com worth a View

I stumbled on this movie on Samsung TV+ after it was already halfway over. It looked cute, so I searched for it to see it in its entirety. Luckily I found it on Amazon Prime. My esposa and I watched it one Saturday night. Yes it's cheesy, but it's a cute 80's type of romantic comedy or a movie on the Hallmark channel. The Colombian scenery is beautiful and it reminded me of Costa Rica. The background music sounds like you're watching a travel channel documentary. It's under 90 minutes and worth a watch on a lazy afternoon or evening curled up in the sofa with the love interest and a cup of java. Me Gusta.

Reviewed by spinoff75 1 / 10

Colombian shame

I didn't know this movie was made. I watched it in Cine Latino Channel and I was WTF???? The first mistake is to put english dialogue in the mouths of colombians actors, but more awful is the spanish dubbing the same actors do. Believe it or not the spanish interpretation is worst than their english. The second mistake is mix a cup of Café Con Aroma de Mujer (The successful soap opera) with a cup of cheesy romantic comedy. I feel a deep shame of this movie more than Metastasis, and that's a long way to say.

Reviewed by hcurrie77 1 / 10

Terrible acting and all the stupid overused cliches in cheap bad romance movies

I had to let this one go. It was so bad it was actually making me mad. That is saying a lot because i love cheesy cheap made movies. The clumsy nerdy scientist cliche falls for hatefilled rude mad at the world for no reason small business owner has been overused and was forced in this movie. What was this jerk so mad about? A mutlibillion dollar corp comes to save his failing farm. Oh for shame you horrible white Americans. How dare you want flavored coffee.

I could stomach that but add in some latina tramp who was wearing a see thru nightie to harvest beans trying to literally kill the white girl and no one does anything about it and i was done. Why was the ugly tramp there. The dude said he didnt care for her she left him years ago but she just moves in takes over and constantly tries to hurt or kill the woman who is saving the farm or hurt his farm animals to mess with them and it made no sense not to run her off. Worst crap story i have seen in a long time

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