Love, Again


Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 13%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 13%
IMDb Rating 6.0/10 10 749 749


Top cast

Teri Polo as Chloe Baker
Christopher Russell as Jeremy Hoffbrauer
Zak Santiago as Nico
Paul Johansson as David Baker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hilary_mae-912-80561 7 / 10

Hallmark misses a mark again

Not bad. A bit sappy at times, but definitely better acting than their usual films. What was really irksome though, was the inability of Hallmark people to use their brains. They filmed it on the west coast of Canada; rainforests, Pacific Ocean, Haida art, etc etc and the morons at Hallmark placed the story in Maine. If they insist on having the story line be in the USA, then place it in Washington State, where it looks similar.

Reviewed by carlenesmith000 7 / 10

Interesting story of parents divorcing and then finding out they need to keep it together for their daughter's imminent wedding.

This is a cut above the usual daytime movie simply because of the excellent acting by Teri Polo. She made me believe in the hurt, busy, wife who had somehow lost her marriage. Her characterization was top quality acting. The other actors were adequate, nothing stood out from their performances. I did like the supposed setting of Camden, Maine, but I'm not sure that's where this was filmed. All in all, a very pleasant movie to view with some unexpectedly tender moments and real feeling that surprised me. It's fun to be surprised by a Hallmark movie which are usually quite predictable. Like I said at the beginning, kudos to Teri Polo. She made the movie for me.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 7 / 10

Love worth saving

Did like the concept, which did sound relatable and touching. Much more so than the outdated and less than tasteful one for the first 2015 June Weddings film 'Perfect Match', which ended up being in execution what its premise sounded like. Teri Polo has not worked for me in everything, but she is good when on form. Have said more than once about not caring generally for Hallmark's June Weddings films, and have seen a good number of them that are not good, but the concept here was enough for me to want to see 'Love, Again'.

'Love, Again' is as cute, relatable and touching as the concept sounded. It is infinitely better than 'Perfect Match' and better than most Hallmark June Weddings film, but doesn't get as much attention as most because of not containing as many Hallmark regular actors (other than Christopher Russell in a supporting role). Something that is a main factor as to why these films are still watched. 'Love, Again' is not a great film, but it is really quite good for early 2010s Hallmark (which was even more hit and miss than 2016 onwards).

Perfect it isn't, with the corniness and sappiness going overboard at times and the pace is too slow in stretches, particularly early on.

Also didn't find the supporting cast particularly memorable in sketchy roles, Russell (who isn't a favourite) certainly went on to much better things.

The film is worth seeing though, particularly for the heartfelt, sincere performance of Polo, who never over-compensates or goes through the motions and does a great job making her character realistic and easy to engage with and relate to. Paul Johannson is a very charming and amiable leading man and is just as subtle, and they have a very sweet and suitably understated chemistry that never looked stiff or distant. It also develops realistically and relatable for primarily anybody in a long term relationship/marriage where longevity was initially called into question. Being somebody part of a family with generations worth of long lasting marriages, that was the case here.

Furthermore, 'Love, Again' looks attractive, especially the scenery and the music doesn't dominate or feel drab. The script is well meaning and takes a mature subject seriously without being over-serious, while having some light hearted-ness that doesn't come over as too jokey. The story isn't perfect, but is very touching and was easy to relate to.

Overall, really nice film. 7/10.

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