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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 8 / 10

Louis C.K. at it again

Louis C.K. does his HBO special in Phoenix. The stage is 360. He does his highly inappropriate material as usual. He's a 45 divorced New Yorker father of two girls.

His brand of observational comedy is brilliant. He is lovable. The crowd is into it. It hits all of his various hot spots. He's growing breasts. There's a lot of jerking off, getting off of the food chain, dating and so on.

Comedy is always a matter of taste. No two people have the same funny bone. This is not for the easily offended. His fans will love this. It follows his many other specials.

Reviewed by dalydj-918-255175 9 / 10

Louis C.K. Oh My God

Louis C.K. in my mind can do no wrong between his yearly standup specials and his FX comedy show that everyone including me has fallen in love with. This special was on HBO and it is another example of how great he can be and this special gives him the chance to be even more funnier with some great jokes that are offensive and great. Some highlights in the special included his jokes about women and children because they were quite funny. My only complaint is it was too short only because I could listen to him doing standup all day long but still I was glad about the special and love that HBO let him do his thing the way FX does not stopping him from being free to say what he wants to.


Reviewed by clonicx 10 / 10

The most consistently funny thing Louis C.K. has done

Louis C.K. has gone from strength to strength in the last 12 years, on an escalator to the top of the pile of stand-up comedians struggling to be relevant. And Louis C.K. is arguably the most relevant of them all. By discarding his material for each tour, he gives his fans exactly what they hope for every time he steps into the limelight.

Although much of his material doesn't tread new ground, it doesn't matter - his arsenal of jokes about growing old and waving goodbye to youth with a sigh are always fresh and bleakly hilarious.

His material comes from thoughts that most people have every day but never talk about, and the audience's secret familiarity with the subject matters makes laughing at them all the more relieving.

This is the one stand-up show that comedians everywhere would work their entire lives to emulate. But it's not made for comedians. It's made for you and me to join in laughing at the misery of the average life, and be completely comfortable with it.

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