Lost After Dark



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Robert Patrick as Mr. C
Alexander Calvert as Johnnie
Eve Harlow as Marilyn
Elise Gatien as Jamie
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Reviewed by quincytheodore 4 / 10

Intentionally retro doesn't make it a classic homage or good movie in general

Capitalizing on 80's slasher genre can work as a premise of satiric horror, but it doesn't excuse outdated delivery such as stiff acting and poor pacing. The idea is to put myriad of old horror antics in attempt to create gore as well as slight comedy. Unfortunately, it's not even better than actual 80's cheap movie.

Plot is as simple as they come, a group of students venture to the woods in the most dire condition possible, then meets a psycho killer. It'd be a decent popcorn flick if not for, mostly, the jarring acting. The movie goes on a way to depict stereotypes, making the actors spew nonsense in incredibly overly dramatic way. Some of the scenes resemble blooper of actual classic slasher or cheesy commercial. Audience already knows that it's a throwback, so there's no reason to force every smirk or gasp to be ridiculous.

The entire thing looks plastic, down to the script which not only sounds random but incredibly pretentious. So, when the characters talk about fate or other serious issue, it's far from believable. Not to mention the movie spends quite some time for these characters, especially on first half, to make audience invest of stale personalities. Granted, one or two might be relatable, but as they interact with other characters the shallow performance underwhelms any distinct trait.

At the very least, it does partially deliver the expected gore. There are a few timidly shocking moments, but even those are simple stabbing or head crushing, certainly nothing you haven't seen before. For fans it may be mildly amusing, casual viewer might not be so lenient.

Lost After Dark tries to give a homage, or cheap imitation of classic slasher, however it only trips and falls to the same flaws from three decades ago.

Reviewed by Platypuschow 6 / 10

Lost After Dark: Old school surprise

Many would have you believe that the slasher genre is dead, they'll tell you that if it weren't for Scream (1996) that it would have died a lot earlier.

I partially agree, it has been struggling for many years but occasionally something comes along that renews your faith in it. To an extent this is such a film.

With a real retro feel this is a paint by numbers slasher but written by someone who decided to colour blind it's viewers. What I mean by that is the film is outstandingly unpredictable and rarely goes the way you expect.

8 youngsters steal a school bus and drive to a secluded area to party but when it breaks down they find themselves under attack from a psychotic cannibal who proceeds to pick them off one by one.

The lack of originality damages it but the surprise writing, competent cast and delivery makes up for it.

A good enough watch for slasher fans.

The Good:

Couple of genuine surprises

Some decent writing

Real old school feel

Robert Patrick

Truly unpredictable

The Bad:

Wesley's afro can't have been real? Right?

Tad too dark

Reel missing thing was dumb

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

I don't want to get eaten by a cannonball either!

When the *sshole of the group has the right idea and nobody listens to him does that make the viewer an *sshole to for siding with him?

Reviewed by chrismackey1972 4 / 10

Run of the mill slasher film

It was an okay cheap horror film. Nothing great and nothing new to see. I won't spoil it, but the first death was shocking; I didn't expect that. The kills were okay. Even though Toby wasn't the main character, I was surprised he turned out to be so likable. They don't usually make a character the audience will care about in these types of movies.\ Robert Patrick's character was silly. I don't know if he was hurting for money, or he just wanted to be in a horror film.

The bad guy was stupid. You've seen his sort of "can't die bad guy" in multiple cheap horror films.

I gave this a 4-star rating. If you must watch all the slasher films out there, give this a viewing, but don't expect much. However, there are horror films that are far worse than this.

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