L'ora legale

2017 [ITALIAN]


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Reviewed by ale_muraca 7 / 10

Excellent social issue

The film deals with a very important issue for the southern Italian regions in a direct and consistent manner. A village is overwhelmed by a wave of legality that brings havoc among the population accustomed to misbehave. Traffic, abusive parking, misappropriation of public land, pollution and lack of decorum are just some of the points touched. And this is a real problem today in Sicily, Calabria and other areas of the peninsula, even in the north. There are some flaws, including the recitation of a few actors, but overall the "comedy" (it looks like a tragedy to me, considering it's all true) is really enjoyable. I hope it will help raise awareness of the viewer in a massive way. I love the end: it is emblematic.

Reviewed by hakra1 5 / 10

great idea, but not done that well

Very realistic political satire, with great ideas, but unfortunately it was realized in a very childish way sometimes, as if a 15 year old wrote the dialogues.. and the main character salvo lacks carisma, so they jokes dont work that well either. a lost oportunity, because the story itself is very good. especially the last minutes when the new mayor tells the people, you wanted the change, but to change the town you must change yourself.

Reviewed by Andy-296 9 / 10

Very funny political satire

This Italian film is a very funny political satire. Directed by a comic duo well known in Italy, it is set in a coastal small town in Sicily. As the movie starts, its corrupt mayor is voted out of office, being replaced by a younger guy, who is a very honest professor. Because people are used to the corrupt old ways, when the new mayor starts trying to clean house (like, for instance, demanding people pay traffic fines) he will soon face the opposition of the village (including the local priest, and eventually, even some of his own family) who will start demanding the old mayor returns. The movie is very funny and it allows one to understand why people sometime prefer a corrupt political system if they believe they can benefit from it.

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