Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run


Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Musical

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Fred Armisen as Speedy Gonzales
Jim Rash as Cecil Turtle
Billy West as Elmer Fudd
Rob Paulsen as Mac Gopher
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jaredkjacoby 5 / 10

At Least Bugs and Lola Still Make an Adorable Couple

The story follows Lola Bunny who gets fired from a perfume store after destroying the store and failing to sell the store's perfume. She decides to take a taxi home. That taxi driver just happens to be Bugs Bunny. When she gets home, she makes a perfume that makes people invisible. Cecil Turtle, Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam and Lola's former boss go after her and label her and Bugs as fugitives. And the adventure begins...

I've been watching The Looney Tunes Show and New Looney Tunes (formerly known as Wabbit) for the past few days to get my Looney Tunes fix and as a way to hold me over before the next batch of shorts from the HBO Max series comes out. The former is great while the latter is only okay. I also decided to watch this today after finishing the first season of The Looney Tunes Show, I figured I would watch this as a bit of an intermission. It's... fine? It's there and it's amusing enough. The plot allows for a fun action-comedy to take place, but Rabbits Run is never quite as fun as it could have been. Some gags land and some miss the mark entirely. Please do not make me hear Lola say OMG ever again. However, Daffy kind of cracked me up with his inclusion. The animation is okay, but it can be a bit choppy at times. The songs made me ears bleed. Thankfully, there are only two songs, but they both are about as pleasant as nails on a chalkboard. The action scenes are amusing enough. There is a fight between Bugs and Sam that is pretty entertaining. The relationship between Lola and Bugs is the best part about the film. It is really cool seeing Bugs slowly warm up to Lola, despite her many faults. Speaking of Lola, she has her personality from The Looney Tunes Show here and if you have not seen it, Lola is a lot more goofy and bubbly there than in Space Jam. I feel like that persona worked better in the animated sitcom-oriented show than on this action-comedy adventure. She did get better by the end of the film, but she started off pretty irritating. Bugs Bunny is likable and funny, but I like him in just about anything. It is very hard for me to watch something with Bugs in it and find him obnoxious or unlikable. The voice acting is great. I prefer Kristen Wiig because her voice for Lola is just perfect, Rachel Ramras is a solid substitute. Jeff Bergman plays as Bugs and Daffy and he is really good. He also voiced Bugs in the two shows I mentioned above and I have always had a soft spot for his snarky take on the wisecracking rabbit. The rest of the voice cast delivers fine work. The musical score is okay, but a bit too frenetic. It fits well with the action, but it sounds a little too jittery.

Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run is a pretty average direct-to-DVD animated film. I think diehard fans of the shorts would strongly dislike this because of the fact it does not resemble the characters in their original form. Fans of The Looney Tunes Show will have a problem because the character personalities in that show don't really fit the personalities here. What works in an animated sitcom does not really work in a movie that is essentially one long chase. Anyone else would probably be pretty bored aside from younger kids. It's not that bad to be honest. There are certainly some fun moments and a couple of sweet moments between Lola and Bugs, but ultimately its a harmless time waster.

Reviewed by bbshockwave 5 / 10

Has nothing to do with The Looney Tunes Show, sadly

I LOVE The Looney Tunes show, and have rewatched it several times - the episodes manage to make me laugh every time with their often absurd but well timed humor and quirky memorable characters. So imagine my surprise that I only found out a month ago that the show got a movie! I got to checking it out instantly... and was severely disappointed. Don't take it the wrong way - the movie is by no means bad. It is a decent enough flick and certainly has a much more cohesive plot than most other Looney Tunes movies. A big plus is that unlike Back in Action or Space Jam, they finally understood that Looney Tunes needs no live action characters and stand on its own. The problem is, that despite the identical designs and many voice actors returning... this movie does not take place in the same continuity as the Looney Tunes Show. In fact, many characters have totally different roles than on the show, have widely different personalities, or in some cases, are totally absent altogether. In a way, it all reminds me of another big disappointment - Superman: Brainiac Attacks, which used the animation design of Superman TAS but without all the heart or good writing of the original. The plot is, in short, that Lola - who works as a perfume salesperson for Giovanni Jones - tries to discover the perfect perfume. She unknowingly uses a super rare flower for this, given to her by her landlord, Speedy Gonzales - but the flower has properties to turn everything invisible, hence both the government agencies, led by general Foghorn Leghorn with FBI agent Elmer Fudd, and two thugs with Cecil Turtle, want to take the perfume. Lola escapes in the taxi of cab driver Bugs Bunny, while being chased by all parties, including bounty hunter Yosemite Sam and Giovanni as well. It all turns into an international spy movie chase from here with cameos from Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, the Gophers, Pepe le Pew, and culminating on a showdown on Mars with the real villain, Martin the Martian.

What can I say, the movie just squanders the opportunities for good jokes. Lola isn't the scatterbrained and super random lady we know and love from the show, she is too much aware of what is going on around her to be like that. Bugs is a bit satirical but again, not enough to be funny. The biggest problem is that the movie focuses on the two of them, and their budding romance, instead of the jokes, and many characters remain 'blink and you will miss them' appearances. The worst case is easily Daffy, who was the cornerstone of the show - here, his appearance is little more than an extended cameo, he soon drops out of the picture. Porky, Speedy, Yosemite and Foghorn and Cecil aren't any better off, even in the short scenes they have, as their personalities are totally unlike on the show. Notably absent are many characters as well, most importantly Tina Russo, Daffy's girlfriend from the show, as well as Granny, Sylvester and Tweety, Witch Hazel, Gossamer and Taz.

In conclusion, if you are unfamiliar with the show, you will find it an average quality Looney Tunes movie with a few jokes, nothing to write home about. If you liked the show though, you'll be baffled why someone at WB made the decision to create a movie that looks exactly like it, but feel totally different from it. I cannot recommend it, really.

Reviewed by breelzebubz 7 / 10

One of the better ones

I found this to have a lot of good vibes from the original looney toons and I liked the rather original plot! This quirky and adorable version of lola bunny is also my favourite, especially with bugs! I adore they kept the gun violence, the blunt mentions of insanity, and how bugs enjoys female clothing and accessories! So many characters tied well onto an single plot. I greatly enjoyed it and it is one of the better animated films I've seen. Totally recommend!

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