Long Lost Son


Drama / Mystery

IMDb Rating 5.4/10 10 938 938

Top cast

Gabrielle Anwar as Kristen Sheppard / Halloran / Collins
Chace Crawford as Matthew Williams / Mark Halloran
Craig Sheffer as Quinn Halloran / John Williams
Joshua Friesen as Mark at 4yrs old
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zysterx 5 / 10

something amiss

i know people have their own tastes and i'm not saying the ratings of 10 may not be genuine, but one has to question when the over-all ratings of a movie are 5.4 and people post a full 10.

it always causes me to believe that person has a personal agenda in doing so and the movie deserves it's 5.4.

maybe they are that actor or one of their relatives wanting to promote them or someone one connected to the film who would benefit financially, but something is glaringly wrong when i see that happen. it doesn't help me decide to see the film----it causes me to NOT want to see the film.

Reviewed by sol-kay 6 / 10

Storm Warnings

***MAJOR SPOILER ALERT*** Having the court rule against him, in his child custody case, Quinn Halloran decides to disappear together with his four year old son Mark into total oblivion. The two end up lost in the teeth of a vicious Pacific Tsunami off the California coast. Kristen the worried mother of Mark gets the terrible news that both her husband Quinn and four year old son Mark have gone under the waves never to be seen or heard from again.

It's now some 14 years later when viewing a video tape of her friends vacationing in the Caribbean that Kristen notice something very unusual. On the video tape there's this strapping young boy and his dad operating the boat that Kristen's friends were sailing on. The two sailors were Mark, now 18, and his dad Quinn Halloran!

Desperately trying to track down her long lost son, if in fact that's who he is, Kristen goes so far as to risk being arrested by faking a lost passport in order to get on the island, Saint Alicia. It's there that both Mark and Quinn are supposed to be living and working as tourist guides,in operating a sail boat, on.

Finally tracking down Mark, who's known on the island as Matthew Williams, and getting him to give her a boat ride, to see the sights of Saint Alicia, Kristine is now more then certain that he's the son she supposedly lost at sea some 14 years ago. It's Matthew's father known affectingly by everyone on Saint Alicia as Captain John who, after Matthew told him about his encounter with Kristen, smells a rat, or barracuda, and starts sweating bullets. It's there and then that Captain John decides to check out and take off for Porto Rico with a now bewildered and confused Matthew!

***SPOILER ALERT*** We as well as Kristen soon realize that both Matthew and his sweating and nose twitching, from an obvious nervous condition, dad are the real McCoy: Mark and Quinn Hallaran. This has a now cornered Quinn, or better yet Captain John, make a run for it, with an escape to Porto Rico now out of the question, before the long arm of the law finally catches up with him. Captain John is now, with the cat out of the bag, wanted for a whole slew of crimes that includes kidnapping passport violations and using a false name on his both car and boat licenses.

It was at first that Kristen was in trouble of getting thrown in jail and deported for trying illegally to get on the island in order to find her long lost son. But as it soon turned out Captain John in him being either so guilt ridden or just plain whacked out, on bottles of over 100% proof of the islands home made rum, who was now the most wanted man, or woman, on the island if not the entire Caribbean!

With the plus 4 category Hurricane Edwardo bearing down on Saint Alcia Captain John and his boy Matthew, who's still in a state of confusion, decide to make a B-line towards Salt Cay that's right straight dab in the path of rampaging hurricane. This has Kristen who had since learned to operate a motor boat, by non other then Matthew, to get to Salt Cay first! It's there in the swirling winds sands and ocean waves that she'll finally confront her good for nothing husband and get back from him what's so, by a unanimous decision of the L.A family court, rightfully hers: Kristen's long lost son Mark, or now Matthew, that Quinn or in his latest incarnation Captain John took away from her!

Reviewed by peace9-1 3 / 10

Too many plot holes!

Gabrielle Anwar is luminous. It was not at all surprising that she had men all over the place either sweet-talking her or bending the rules for her. The young man who played Mark/Matthew made me wish I was about 25 years younger than I am! (grin)

But still... come on. I'll grant you that it would not be easy to wait a few weeks to get a passport before going to see your son, but the travel agent told her she would probably be detained and possibly deported back the U.S., in which case she would be right back where she started. And if she's so good at getting people to bend the rules for her, why didn't she contact whoever about getting the passport, explain her story, and try to get the process expedited? This was a plot device tossed in to the story to keep it from being about half an hour long, and the writer surely could have found *something* more believable!

And what is Kristine's problem with telling the truth? Why didn't she tell her story to the official at the immigration office once she arrived on the island without a passport? Why lie to him about losing her passport? And for that matter, why did he believe her? I don't know about anyone else, but I don't usually travel with a copy of my birth certificate in my purse. If she lost her passport on the plane, why would she have her birth certificate right there with her, and why didn't the immigration official question her about it? Same thing with the local police officer -- same lie and same problematic paperwork.

Speaking of the police officer, what's up with him telling Kristine "names and numbers -- I'm on it" as if he plans to investigate Quinn, then turning around and calling Quinn to joke with him about "this crazy American?" Another silly plot device to keep Kristine from going straight to Matthew to tell him, I suppose, since he told her it would impede his "investigation."

Finally at the end of the movie, as the three main characters sit in boats anchored at a salt flat with a hurricane approaching, Quinn (and the screenwriter) can't seem to figure out what he should do. One minute he's saying they can't go back to the island because "they're looking for me." He intends to make a run for it, and take Kristine and Matthew with him. A moment later, he has apparently remembered there's a hurricane on the way and calls the rescue helicopter, giving them his location, so he, Kristine, and Matthew can be picked up -- says he wants to do his time on this island rather than rotting in jail in Haiti, and he doesn't want Matthew or Kristine to get hurt. (This from the man who told his son his mother was dead, and let the mother believe her son was dead. But he doesn't want them to get hurt.) Another moment later, Kristine suggests he take the zodiac and get away, and he agrees, thereby making her (and presumably Matthew) an accessory to his escape from the law. (But he doesn't want them to get hurt.)

It's not a terrible movie, but it's also not one I would watch again.

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