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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phulla 1 / 10

What happened

Wasn't funny.

No depth.

No story.

No chatacter.

Strong evidence of no budget rather than low budget.

There are so many ways to start a movie and the main thing is the hook, what can you introduce in the first 5 minutes that will grab the audience and throw them into the story as if their own life depends on finding out the outcome. I expect a movie to throw a hook or three and then establish characters and plot within the first 15-20 minutes, or at least an idea of the story or background, depending on the style and theme of the movie but this was pure boredom, a meaningless boring conversation between two characters and no other scene for the whole movie, more or less.

Wasn't funny at all, I didn't laugh, I didn't even circle my mouth with a hint of even a smile.

No depth, bland, boring characters, nothing special and nothing to even remember.

No story at all, even though it centers around one man and his wife, and their business, I wasn't interested.

Not sure who's been watching this but the current 8.8 rating is not a reflection of this movie, those ratings are most likely the actors production staff family and friends. IMDb should seriously consider 0 ratings because there are some movies that don't even deserve a 1 just for the sake of being able to write a review.

Movies should grab an audience by the neck in a headlock and drag them along for a ride, make the audience believe they're in the movie, alongside the characters or even relating to one of the characters, if I want to be on the outside looking in, I'd go stand outside a shop window.

Reviewed by tinkertrain-19355 9 / 10

A hilarious drug fueled romp

I liked the movie cover and premise so I decided to give it a shot. I'm always up for fun comedies, and this one didn't disappoint! Dom and his buddy are hilarious. His friend is the WORST influence on him haha, but the great thing is that he cares, and actually that's what I liked the most about this paranoid romp about Dom thinking his wife is cheating, its that all the characters do care about Dom and most of the paranoia, and other straaange things, (no spoilers!) he experiences are mental blocks that he needs to work through, and work, slap, beat, scream, and cry though he does! Great movie, great directing, and good concept. It'll make you laugh.

Reviewed by coffeewithcake 9 / 10

A unique take on a relationship crisis

With its absurdist humor, this movie keeps you on your toes at each moment. The two main characters really give the movie its color and charm with their chemistry and antics as they take a seemingly mundane situation and escalate it across the course of the film. You'll find aspects of them that are relatable and human, yet the progression of events keeps you wondering what they'll do next. This movie presents a relationship crisis at a wacky intersection of suspense, heart, silly surrealism, and vivid moments that have you laughing with no warning. Come with with an open mind, and leave entertained.

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