Like Cats & Dogs


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 38%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
IMDb Rating 6.1/10 10 1579 1.6K


Top cast

Hayley Sales as Susan Vance
Cassidy Gifford as Laura Haley
Jacky Lai as Rose
Gwynyth Walsh as Ellen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kupcr 6 / 10

Love And Pets

This wasn't a bad movie, actually. I really liked the premise, where a character named Laura Haley (Cassidy Gifford), an up and coming photographer, gets to spend 2 weeks in a summer house with her dog, Frank but she realizes that the house was double booked by writer Spenser (Wyatt Nash) and although they're two personalities that can't live in the same house, things get even more complicated when Spenser brings his cat, Mozart. The rest of the movie has some quirky dialog. Loved the filming location and the rest of the characters. Singer/songwriter Hayley Sales (Susan) has one of the best scenes in the entire movie. I watched this part over and over again. Gwyneth Walsh is a great supporting actress.

Reviewed by writer143 7 / 10

Classic, Corny, Fun

The usual, boy meets girl, they clash like oil and water, and, or course, eventually fall in love. It was as predictable as snow in a Montana winter--but I really enjoyed it. I love the corny, predictability of it. The lead characters were likable and fun. My only problem with the movie is that it builds to the usual love fest ending and then disappoints. There was no huge declaration of unending, abiding love. You get that they are together but it was anti-climactic. Still worth watching though.

Reviewed by rebekahrox 7 / 10

Pure fantasy but without elves.

Like Cats and Dogs is a pleasant little outing with some good positives, and only a few annoying details. Cassidy Gifford does a good job and appears to be quite a competent actress, with a flair for comedy. I won't mention how much she resembles her mother. The only quibble I have with her appearance is the goth-ish eyeliner she wears. It steals every scene. I wondered if this was the make-up imposed upon her by the production, but no, apparently she did her own make-up. The character she plays is likable, and her situation is relatable. She is a casual, fun-loving, junk- food eating, Let the chips fall where they may type of gal with an artistic temperament. She is unsure what to do with her life, now that she has graduated from college and broken up with her boyfriend. She is working at her parents accounting firm but it is not for her. In an effort to find her direction she rents a fabulous ocean side home on the west coast because an old college buddy is nearby. It must be a great job if she can afford such a getaway. Unfortunately, due to an error it has also been rented by a guy who is her polar opposite in every way: an uptight, regimented, control freak with an evil girlfriend. Oh yes. He also is a health food nut and owns a cat who does not get along with her doggie, Frank. He presents her with a roommate agreement that puts Sheldon's in Big Bang Theory to shame. He is working on his doctoral dissertation and has Weird hair. He sounds horrible, but he is actually kind of adorable. Especially when he get's writers block. The inevitable happens. And also he finishes his dissertation inside of a week. Also she finds a career as a photographer and working in an art gallery. Where she gets her own show. This poor kid. What a nightmare. There's nice little twist at the end which if you were paying attention was easily foreshadowed.

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