Life for Real

2023 [FRENCH]

Action / Comedy


Top cast

Dany Boon as Tridan Lagache
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 7 / 10

Going back ... not just in time

No pun intended - this has two of the best current comedians France has to offer. And also Gainsburg as a catalyst or whatever you want to call her. She really goes out - knowing her role and what she means to the story. A story that is comical but also quite tragic to say the least.

Interesting concept and I reckon close to Past Lives - only that the main character here actively tries to remedy a "mistake" he made back in the day. There is one big hurdle he will not be able to overcome - does it matter though? And no worries we learn about that quite early on - important part of the story.

Our two "heroes" really go for it. I assume a remake (US and otherwise) is imminent ... to say the least. Until then we have this and can have quite a lot of fun.

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by anxiousgayhorseonketamine 10 / 10

true comedic genius

True comedic genius

I have now seen enough film by Dany Boon to feel qualified to apply the tag comedic genius to this guy

Whether he was kindly mocking the Ch'timi (working-class locals) of Northern France or making fun of the pandemic rules of the lost year of 2020 it is always spot-on; hilarious and unexpected

Here he pairs up with another Moghrebi original Kad Merad possibly as funny as he is; and then they add Charlotte Gainsbourg as the female lead

What could possibly go wrong? Well nothing as it happens. It is funny all the way through; entertaining as hell and yes as always with Boon PHILOSOPHICAL when all the dust settles and all the jokes have been played out

It is also about letting go and letting God as folks in the New Age movement usta say in the 90s

This one here is Boon gold .... miss it if you do not like to laugh

No spoilers but him walking out of cafes without paying time and time again will slay any viewer; his character is the timeless innocent Schlemiel the holy fool here again ...

Highly enjoyable.

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