Life After Fighting


Action / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 77%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 77%
IMDb Rating 6.2/10 10 398 398


Top cast

Jake Ryan as Wayne Creylan
Luke Ford as Victor Dimov
Annabelle Stephenson as Julie Creylan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by panta-4 6 / 10

Not bad if you're into fights!

I try to never miss an Australian movie while living in China... so I was happy to watch it... first, I would love to share a story from the time when I was a student... I studied archaeology in Macedonia in the late 70's and in their capital Skopje there was a cinema called Kino Napredok (cinema Progress) that was situated in the Bit Bazaar, the area mainly inhabited by Albanians and Roma people (Gypsies as they call them). In that cinema there were only Western movies, Kung Fu or fighting movies (Bruce Lee was the most popular), Bolywood films and erotic masterpieces like Last Tango in Paris, Emanuelle or anything with naked bodies that is NOT porn! The audience were mostly uneducated bunch of movie lovers that had trouble reading subtitles, and didn't buy popcorn as a snack but will bring their own garlic salami that they will chew while the movie is on with half a kilo fresh bread... I cannot really describe the atmosphere in it... it is more than enthusiastic for EVERY movie in that always packed cinema that started at 9 a.m. And continued until 9 p.m.

Well, this Australian movie was perfect for that cinema... I know it is late for cinema Progress, almost 50 years late, but the audience would appreciate the 2 hours in the cinema that had more than half just in fights... all sorts of fights! The screenplay felt like written by an AI system later revised by human editors and I admit that some good acting and good fighting saved it to be just watchable for me... So, if you are into fights, some good some really bad, try this one... and imagine lots of noisy Roma people cheering the Australian Alex, the main hero, kicking the butts of the Russians, Chinese or whatever those guys were!

Reviewed by kevt-80510 10 / 10


I came across this film by accident so I watched the trailer and thought it looked like a good watch with my wife. Well WTAF never expected what we watched honest to god it was brilliant. Good story amazing fight sequences all choreographed by Bren Foster the main lead called Alex. How I know it's good aswell is my wife actually stayed awake, watched it all and enjoyed it all. For me like I said story was good acting was good all fights were choreographed so brilliantly done no wires no CGI just so brilliantly done. I had never heard of Bren Foster before and I've watched plenty of martial art films and I am surprised that he hadn't done more martial art action films. He's like a Australian Scott Adkins just bloody amazing.

Reviewed by kevxzara 7 / 10


Well after watching the trailer I was not going to bother to watch it as it looked awful .

But I went against my gut feeling and settled down to watch.

I was pretty surprised to be honest, the fight scenes were well choreographed, the acting and story were so so.. The movie how ever did seem to be a little long with scenes that were not needed.

The story was a little bit odd at times and not enough character backgrounds.

But if all you are after is a Friday night action movie with some good fights and a movie that's not bad but not great, then this movie will be up your street and worth watching.

I have now re named bren foster as the Australian Scott Adkins.

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