Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by clydetibbett 7 / 10

Informative and Transformative for our Youth

I watched this movie in a screening hosted by the producer and one of the young men from Australia.

My gut was turned at several points in the movie by the callousness of our society that objectifies women as so honestly illustrated in the documentary.

As the movie progressed I heard a message of why are we tolerating this behavior in our country, and the media.

There are lessons for parents to learn from this film that would be valuable for sons and daughters to learn from a healthy perspective. Hopefully once people begin to not respond to the social media influences that rive our society our children can be protected from the behaviors that are depicted in the film.

A great documentary, I am excited to see what the producer does with the feedback from the movie in the future.

Reviewed by kmfrob 7 / 10

Some people...

My review is not so much about the documentary (which is fine, if unspectacular), but about some of the people in it (rightly or wrongly that's what I want to talk about).

As one reviewer mentioned above, this is not reflective of all young people and the ones who were interviewed were clearly chosen for being at the extreme end of even the culture it is exploring, but seriously though these people make me cringe so badly.

Firstly, the English crew need to take a look at themselves. Their ring leader is superficial to the point of farce and how people consistently fail to see through his bullshit is beyond me. The truth is they probably do see through it but don't care... But still come on... guys and girls... you can do better than this idiot.

And then his mates all hanging off him like a bad smell. Lads, stop fawning over this idiot like he's some demi-god (I genuinely don't care that he has a big d**k) and find your own path in life. You look pathetic all sitting outside the room while he has (probably) shitty sex with the last random girl who happened to walk by just so you can all leer at the girl when she comes out.

I'm not here to moralise... If two consenting adults both WANT to have sex then go for it... What depresses me about this documentary is the shallow people almost certainly having bad sex with other shallow people and then going round talking like they are something to envy... I don't envy you... I pity you!

Oh, and to the guy above saying this was feminist propaganda.........................lost for words.

Reviewed by Manders905-240-470529 2 / 10

Limited: The Pretense of The New Documentary

Documentary film makers have a responsibility to its audience, to get to the bottom of a story, to be accurate in the story you're presenting. Simply, to tell the truth.

Not only does this film negate any of the above qualities; the first half hour plays out like an episode of Jersey Shore. Scripted scenes, presented as "reality" included. A good documentary contains an objective and broad overview of a subject, while zeroing in on its macro and micro societal implications and their effects. The objective of the film makers own notions, is made obvious, with their chosen location and time period. Panama resort, during spring break. Somehow this small world and time period is meant to represent an entire generation and their belief and value system around sex?!

This film does make some valid points surrounding the media's influence on sexuality. However, not enough to lend an validity to the films subject.

The level of integrity, ethical responsibility, and accuracy, for what constitutes a documentary nowadays, is well depicted, in this films shameful direction, about an entire generation.

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