Legend of the Sandsquatch



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Reviewed by Sandsquatch 10 / 10

Just a Legend

So much fun, to be a part of and to watch.. It is a B movie epic in my opinion!. Everyone check it and me out!!! Everyone else I met through the process were energetic and fun. The site was full of excitement and wonder. People from near and far were there, and you should had been too! The soundtrack fits perfectly with the course of emotions throughout the film. A lot of personal time went into this project, by everyone involved.. Simply a unique experience for me... Enjoy! Just to mention as well that these types of movies don't happen by chance, and also not without some collateral to fund the demands of material and individuals time..! Myself and everyone who enjoys watching this film should thank Tom Devlin and Lola Wallace for their hard work and vast knowledge... Thanks!

Reviewed by dragonflyjie 3 / 10

Props to the SFX team

Disclaimer: not affiliated with the film in any way.

Quarantine has led to me binge-watching my way through all the horror movies on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and Tubi. So I've seen some pretty shitty movies. This was not one of the worst I've seen, but also not one of the better.

I'm guessing it was very low budget.

The Pros:

  • Decent amount of gore if that's your thing
  • For the budget, the creature actually looked pretty decent. Props to the sfx team
  • The closeup of the scorpion was pretty cool. Some of the scenery/artistic shots were actually done pretty well
  • Didn't drag as much as some of these below budget B movies
  • I laughed at the part where the almost kiss got interrupted. That was pretty good.

The Cons:
  • Whatever band did the songs. I'm sorry but whoever said it sounded like they were karaoke Trent Reznor was right
  • Like all of these low budget monster films they drag out "getting to know the characters" when everyone knows they're all going to die. The movie could have been a lot shorter without the unnecessary partying and over exposition. Nothing super exciting happens until like an hour in and even then it's not particularly scary
  • The camerawork. Shaky and all over the place.
  • The acting was stilted. Not as bad as some I've seen, but it definitely felt like it was a college movie project
  • Nobody knows how to fire a gun

Overall: unless you want to watch roughly an hour of twenty/thirty-somethings fumbling through a script, or watch something you don't have to pay much attention to for 90% of the time, pick something else. I'm honestly giving it three stars because of the special effects team and most of the scenery shots.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 6 / 10


The movie opens in 1956 as 3 men are killed and ripped open by Sandsquatch, a new creature whose name pretty much describes it. Frank is obsessed with finding the creature and spends 50 years in the dessert looking for it, until finally it kills him. His granddaughter (Hilary Schwartz) gathers a group of 4 heavily armed individuals to locate grandpa and to kill Sandsquatch. Meanwhile 4 anarchist friends decide to grab a gorilla costume to scare the 4 armed individuals.

The acting and script was better than most low budgets horror films that I have viewed, but it still has a long way to go. The title track sounds like an off-key individual singing karaoke to Trent Razor. It was very bad.

F-bomb, sex, nudity (thank you Amanda Ward).

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