Lee'd the Way


Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.2/10 10 42 42

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Cypher_Robinson 6 / 10

Had plenty of good moments to keep me involved

It's a breath of fresh air and some good and fun light hearted moment's. It also had far more depth than a Michael Bay explosionfest.

*disclaimer, I love MB explosionfests so that is not an insult, just a statement of fact. Hahahahaha

It had some good performances and injected humor in unlikely places and a wonderful surprise near the end that was worth of an actual lol.

It had some audio mixing issues but that could be on the distribution end, but overall that was not a problem.

As far as low budget stuff goes, this one wasn't bad at all. Sure it had the typical things that screamed "I'm low budget, please don't sue me," but the good far outweighed the bad and I enjoyed it.

Reviewed by mediammfproducer 10 / 10

Inspirational film true to life

I loved the storyline and casting of the characters non-traditional white and storytelling about real issues happening in the USA today.

I also loved that writer.took a different approach to what one might do to make a statement about an issue or.problem.

This is a new type of genre "solution based" a total diffetent.type of approach in storytelling.

I am looking forward to next film topic being told on screen in this genre.

I loved the whole movie almost made me cry and made my heart tug!

Another new approach to trailers the producers developed was using VR technology as a trailer to the.film.

Reviewed by winniehkhaw 6 / 10

Start to Find a Sustainable Solution

While I would say Lee'd the Way is more a Start to Find a Sustainable Solution vs. A Solution film (the former doesn't sound terribly snappy, I admit), I can appreciate its intent to meld a number of disparate strands, whether to champion a cause in social justice, cross racial lines in relationships, address how troubling contemporary issues have become weaponized by political agendas, the capability of a local movement to see what "big picture" people in power can't, etc. In that light, I particularly enjoyed the portrayal of the news reporter who came to Lee for a ridiculous story (akin to people visiting a zoo or an insane asylum for sheer entertainment value) and came away a true believer.

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