Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 25% · 16 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 57%
IMDb Rating 4.2/10 10 289 289


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Ashley Judd as Lee
Katie Douglas as Imogen
Asher Angel as Owen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lederman-michael 4 / 10

A waste of time and effort.

In this movie writer Alex Tibaldi must have had M. Night Shyamalan's, "The Village", and. Coppola's, "The Beguiled" on repeat in the back of his mind.

Ashley Judd wasted her money and considerable talents on this film which never quite gets to the point of what's going on. Perhaps she thought it would be a hit since the two movies it is obviously based on did well. Or maybe she thought the very few sets needed would make for an interesting film. She was wrong.

While. Sarah Pidgeon and Katie Douglas put in excellent acting skills they were insufficient to keep this movie interesting. I hope this brings them new opportunities to have roles more worthy of their talents.

To be fair if you haven't seen either The Village or The Beguiled then you might enjoy this film for it's novelty. Otherwise stay clear.

Reviewed by hawken1 3 / 10

If the Village-Random zombie movie hae a movie baby

It's super weird how Judd basically plays herself in the movie she's a fierce women that's oblverly protective and physic somehow because after hardly any interaction in The Village she just knows someone is coming for the family that night and after coming the rascals with face tatts that aren't even that scary to the audience but a Very scarey to the independent women so thet hide but this time they lock the scarey boys in the house and kill them in about 4 seconds speaking of 4 seconds that's about how long it takes Judds puffy character to welcome Owen to the desicion making finger tapping table after like right after threatening to kill him, in the beginning of the movie they find a hurt hungry, hurt and thirsty Owen speaking of thirsty Imogen is very thirsty so thirsty she molests Owen while he's unconscious and they when he heals like a few days later they do the thing and Maeve is very jealous as she's a peeping Tonya and so she kills a chicken and implies the dirty deed caused this implying some weird religious you did the thing so chicken die and we are cursed, anyways I saw a lot of comments about Judd face I think it looks pretty good considering she had to get a blood transfusion due to a complication from an infection and she's taking medicine that make your face swell and tighten she's the best.

Reviewed by tanadreamsbig 1 / 10

Botox Amish Rampage meets the world of apocalyptic Seattle Grunge

I could not get past the Botox serum deformity rampage that was going on within this film. Realistically, who in the world has that amount of Botox injected within their face, yet, lives in total isolation? What are there - hidden Botox treehouse offices within the beautiful soaring- surrounding forest?

The attire was beyond inconsistent with the assailant's garments; along with the time stamped implications of what year this post apocalyptic film landed in.

It was as though the middle aged Auntie afraid of aging fueled by Botox meets with the Amish, while meeting with the Seattle tattooed/pierced/hair dying of attackers unleashed upon their Mennonite life style.

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