Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mrrockandroll 7 / 10

Excellent concert film, but probably for Stones-freaks only.

It's great to have some good footage of the early 1970's Stones (during their "Exile On Main Street" tour), but it's probably best suited to hard core fans and other nostelgic types. Keith Richards is especially cool during this era, and many would agree that the band is pretty much at their peak here. Great rock and roll music, originally released in quadrophonic sound. Recorded live in Texas, with all on-stage footage and no backstage or interview shots whatsoever. The biggest problem is that you CAN'T BUY THE THING!!! Why has this never been released officially on VHS? Where's a new remastered DVD? Most likely Allen Klein is to blame somehow for this great footage not being (legitimately) available, but let's hope that someday we can actually go buy an official release of this classic. Stones fans HAVE to see this thing, but casual fans may want to stick with "Gimme Shelter," which you can at least go buy/rent.

Reviewed by charlesheld 8 / 10

Talking' 'bout the midnight rambler

The Stones at their amphetamine-and-heroin-fueled best, tearing through half of "Exile On Main Street" and selected other favorites on the Texas leg of their infamous 1972 tour. With their sound fleshed out by sax, trumpet and piano, and their musicianship raised by the addition of virtuoso blues man Mick Taylor, "Ladies and Gentlemen" offers definitive versions of "Love In Vain", "Sweet Virginia", "Jumping Jack Flash" and other Stones classics.

Taylor's remarkable slide guitar playing on "Love In Vain" convincingly mimics harmonica and train whistle to great effect. A couple of tunes don't quite work: "You Can't Always Get What You Want" in particular is too slow (drummer Charlie Watts could never master its shuffling rhythm and the Stones' producer Jimmy Miller actually plays on the record) while Taylor seems out of his comfort zone on his solo. But on "Midnight Rambler" - for years the centerpiece of Stones shows - the whole band returns to form with a blistering 11+ minute mix of Robert Johnson and Jack The Ripper. The widely-bootlegged Brussels '73 show might be a better performance of "Rambler", but here the visuals of Mick Jagger's showmanship before he became a self-parody carry the day.

The camera most often sets its sights on Jagger (indeed the film could've been accurately titled "Ladies And Gentlemen: Mick Jagger and Seven Other Blokes"), though you get glimpses of Keith Richards playing band leader and Watts having a smashing good time pounding his skins. No playing to the camera, and no silly crowd shots. All in all, LAGTRS shows a band at the top their game - both believing all the hype and committing themselves to going to an even higher level.

Reviewed by the_punisher5620 9 / 10

The Rolling Stones at their very finest!

I've got the DVD! I bought it off ebay from a source in Canada. The package itself is not the best design and the features are limited, but the concerts are there in their entirety, with excellent sound and footage, with a few bonus tracks. I'm currently in the process of transferring it to audio CD so I can listen to the tracks elsewhere. I'm also a graphic designer and plan to design a soundtrack with pictures and commentary for it. Of course I couldn't nor afford to make enough copies to sell since that would be illegal, but if I were to somehow get a copy out to the Stones' themselves maybe they could make something happen. At any rate, the DVD is worth buying. Honestly its better than Gimmie Shelter (performance-wise) and definitely better than any of their contemporary crap. If you want to see the Rolling Stones as their purest and raw power, this is the ONE. The Glimmer Twins are in full swing when it comes to the back-2-back tracks of Dead Flowers and Happy. You get that feeling of good old fashioned Rock'n'roll.

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