LA 92


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rzaxlash 9 / 10

2 wrongs don't make a right

I will choose a different angle for my review. First off, this documentary was brilliant. The footage is astounding and the editing is flawless. Major props to the subtle but powerful score. My one major issue is this.

The Rodney King beaters were disgusting. Not only for their crimes but their smugness during the trial. The footage was awful and exposed a larger cultural departmental problem. Racial tensions were already bubbling and that verdict blew the lid open. We see the Black Caucus, black leaders, LA's mayor, numerous politicians all denounce the police's actions and their displeasure with the verdict..and then come the riots...

I have yet to see one piece of work condemn the looters, murderers and criminals that took to the streets of LA. This was not Maxine Waters or truly oppressed folks. These were savages. And we only hear a half hearted speech from the LA mayor about how nobody wants violence. Where was the outrage from these public figures and condemnation for these heinous acts? What the Korean store owners went through was nothing short of hate crimes. You could tell that the older folks in LA wanted no part of these riots. One of The most heartbreaking parts of this doc was the older store owner pleading to the streets about how he grew up in the ghetto too and wondering why they looted and destroyed his store.

Now, this documentary made a point to let the footage speak for itself but I can't help but get the feeling that it implies the same point that every other LA riots doc does. That the riots were somehow justified. And that is a grossly irresponsible point of view in my opinion.

With that said, this is an amazing work. Highly reccomended.

Reviewed by Mcduff3601 9 / 10

A reminder of history and how we seem doomed to repeat it

After watching this it was hard to believe that this ACTUALLY happened. This was in the United States! With today's current political and racial climate it seems like all the old problems are as big as ever. Sooner or later something has to give.

National Geographic never seems to dissapoint in their movies. I enjoyed watching this, it was quickly paced and very informative. As someone who grew up and watched this happening on TV it didn't bother me how it was all shot and seemed to be view on a VCR.

Would totally recommend this movie for anyone who loves National Geographic or wants to learn more about the LA riots.

Reviewed by Mr-Fusion 8 / 10

Real as it gets

LA 92 is the closest I'll ever get to being glued to the TV as the L. A. riots occurred in real time. It's that good.

Contained herein is a fascinating collection of archive footage; the local news and citizen on-the-ground material is utterly captivating. I wasn't old enough to absorb the full scope of the riots back then, so I'll happily admit that a great deal of what happened was news to me as this film unfolded; and what this documentary does (masterfully) is chart the course of how things got to this point. All of this didn't happen because of Rodney King; it was a series of murders, unrest and misdeeds that forced this community to its breaking point. From the behavior of the police to the utter failure of the court system, this was inevitable.

What's really hard to stomach isn't the violence, the cruelty, or even the community's self-destruction; it's that this is a pattern (an argument that the filmmakers lay out all too well). What happened in Watts happened in South Central, and it happened *again* after George Floyd's murder. We are doomed to repeat this, and I can't imagine a situation more infuriating.

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