Killing Spree



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Asbestos Felt as Tom Russo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 6 / 10

Fun low-budget gore slasher.

In "Killing Spree" an airplane mechanic becomes so convinced that his wife is as unfaithful to him that he launches an inventive and elaborate campaign to dispatch her numerous lovers,in the most violent,gory and repulsive ways imaginable.The bloody effects rank from pretty good to awful,but if you are a rabid gore fan you will love "Killing Spree".The gore is plentiful including the scene,where our hero rips open a man's belly with chainsaw and then electrocutes him through his exposed intestines.A couple of the kills are hilariously ludicrous and the scene in which the wife 'gives head' to her husband's best friend is unlike any horror film moment you've ever seen.The acting is unfirmly awful and the editing is bad,but if you enjoy watching low-budget gore flicks grab some beer and give "Killing Spree" a try.

Reviewed by EEDude1 5 / 10

I was involved with making this movie...

That's right... back in 87 I was in a rock band called Lights Out. Some friends of mine were making a movie and needed a band to help with the bar scenes. OK... so we move all the equipment, set up, play a few tunes...only later to find that the audio equipment failed and our music was not recorded. An amazing and lucky break! (At least we got a credit at the end of the film) But seriously, I observed the process of making this movie, and you have to admire the sheer "stick-to-iteveness" (is that a word?) of these guys to make a movie with absolutely no budget. I would say that the movie has a certain charm to it... but I am clearly biased. Some of the stuff they did, from a special effects standpoint, is pretty good... especially considering the money limitation.

The other surprising thing to me is that at least 17 people have seen this movie. (As of this writing, there are 17 reviews posted). To me, this movie is almost like a performance piece. That is... the act of creation is where the artistic part lives.... the movie itself is a by-product of the art. An artifact really. (It's sort of like the ashes left behind after someone walks across burning coals).

You have to encourage this kind of creative effort. (I Think...?)

Reviewed by FrightMeter 4 / 10

Ultra Low Budget Cheese--But Fun!

I know that many people will/have automatically given this film a rating of 1, just because it doesn't have the huge budget and top-of-the-line special effects that they are used to. I, however, knew what I was getting myself into when I popped this into the VCR.

I don't think we get much more low-budget that this, unless we are filming a family reunion. The lighting is awful, sound quality is at times incomprehensible, and the acting is ultra-bad by almost all involved. BUT, this is still a fun movie and the plot is interesting enough. It centers around a fellow named Tom Russo (Asbestos Felt), who has been down on his luck with his job. He is very protective of his wife and does not allow her to work, putting even more pressure on himself. As he begins working more hours, we see him slowly transcend into madness and obsession and he becomes suspicious that his wife cheating on him and begins to brutally murder the various men (most repair guys) that he feels are responsible.

I must say that the gore effects are extremely cheap, but fit with the overall tone of the film.. The brutal ways that Tom Russo comes up with to murder these men gives us an idea of just has mad he has become. The pacing of the film is also very good and there is rarely a boring moment. The ending really doesn't follow the rest of the plot of the film, as it seems to want to go from a psycho-slasher film, to a "Dawn of the Dead" wannabe, but it is entertaining nonetheless and I must give Tim Ritter credit for wanting to use an unconventional ending.

I can honestly say that I enjoyed this film, but it is by no means a good film, if that makes sense. It's budget is its main stumbling block and the consequences are almost too much to overlook. I DO NOT recommend this to people who are totally spoiled by the big-budget movies and who can't have an open-mind to ultra-low budget films. You simply won't enjoy it. For others, and fans of gore--I say give it a shot. You will find at least SOMETHING redeeming in it!

My Grade: D

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