Kill Your Lover



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May Kelly as Rose
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mazunqta 1 / 10

Very male gaze-y

I do believe that the heterosexual male viewer will be very satisfied with this. There are a lot of scenes that are reminiscent of the 1970s femalebodysploitation types of films that continued during the 80s and 90s. Nothing new here. The male nudity can't compare at all with the female. I cant talk about anything else because i stopped watching but I am sure the heterosexual males will really enjoy seeing the nude woman in sex scenes that never end and even though not fully explicit, they still showed a lot of the female body, so enjoy heterosexual males. I dont know if there is anything more to enjoy apart from that.

Reviewed by manuelasaez 3 / 10

So bad I visibly cringed in the end. Insufferable is an understatement.

It's amazing; a movie about a toxic relationship (from both parties) and of course the film skews heavily in favor of the female when she was just as culpable as he was. She was belligerent, passive aggressive, combative, coarse and insufferable throughout the entirety of the movie, and the audience is suppose to feel sympathy for her, why, exactly? The poor man just wanted a girlfriend that didn't smoke, go out and get drunk every night, have sex with everything that moved and just be a normal person, took some responsibility for her actions and if she didn't want to willingly change for him, why did she even bother leading him on? I was actually completely on his side until the last third of the film, and if you watch this nonsense, you'll see why. But, it's crazy how some people can claim to be a "victim" when they do everything in their power to destroy everything that's good in their life and still have the audacity to blame the other person for their own failures. This is exactly why most people are perpetual Ex'es and will probably only ever be one in the end.

The older I get the more I realize that the people you attract are exactly the people you deserve. She was a promiscuous woman and he was man that wanted a wife, and you know what they say about trying to make a wife out of a street walker? Well, that's this movie in spades. He got exactly what he deserved, and so did she. In the end, this is a movie about two people that were incompatible from the jump, but allowed their hormones to override their common sense and paid the ultimate price for it. She knew she wasn't going to change for him, and he knew that her past completely ruined her future, so why did he even waste his time? I yelled at the screen in hopes that he heard me when I said, "You deserve better than her!" But of course he didn't listen which is why he ended up the way he did.

The acting was serviceable, for the most part, and some of the SFX was visually appealing, but I'm only giving this movie a 3 because the lead male actor is a stone cold fox. I literally only finished the movie because he was still in it until the end. The movie itself was an insufferable exercise in what happens when you have two guilty parties, and society consistently chooses one side over the other even though both are equally repulsive and entirely to blame in their actions.

A true waste of time, do not make the same mistake I did in watching this. You will regret it, and no, we cannot still be friends. In fact, lose my number completely.

Reviewed by kmkevinn-64733 7 / 10

I've never heard of this till now, how come no one really talks about this Romance Horror film? This is another underrated horror films of this year.

Kill Your Lover is a Relationship Romance Horror film about this couple that has been having intercourse very often and this is not 50 shades of Grey at all. This has a different route of romance horror that will be like okay I know this is a 77 minute runtime but where is this going. Dakota's friend the red headed with the nose ring, well she was from Winnie the Pooh blood and honey that released last year and I was quite a surprised of how she was in this film. This is a independent indie Film by Dark Sky Pictures, I thought it was smooth and good at the same time. This story around when her boyfriend throws up at her, he was Sprouting black veins that causes acid chemical liquid burns to your sensitive skin. This is another Body-Horror in a weird way. The cinematography was tripping and shaky sometimes. The pratical effects for this indie Film was surprising interesting. The two paramedics how they're were killed was actually ridiculously good and made me intense which that what I needed. Thanks to Beyond the Void recommend this because I won't know what to watch but I am glad it's on my radar and I appreciate interesting stuff. 99% of people did not watched the movie and posting negative comments it's disrespectful and disgusting, but only 10% of people actually quite surprised of how underrated and good this is and I was one of them. 5% of people watched it and did not liked it, like come on.

Kill Your Lover does an impressive job of making a nasty breakup into a different kind of horror story without sacrificing the emotional drama that goes with it. It's frequently disturbing and at times hard to watch, especially if you've had to deal with a controlling and manipulative partner.

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