Kill Switch


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Steven Seagal as Jacob
Ali Liebert as Bartender #2
Marci T. House as Photographer
Alison Araya as Linda
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Reviewed by gridoon2022 4 / 10


Steven Seagal's previous film, "Pistol Whipped", was a pretty solid little low-budget action thriller, and it looked as if Seagal was finally starting to learn from his mistakes and improve upon them. "Kill Switch" makes "Pistol Whipped" look like a fluke. Does he honestly expect people to like this movie? For starters, the fight scenes are a joke. They're hardly even fight scenes - mostly just Seagal beating up people. Or should I say, his frequently obvious stunt double beating up people. They are edited very annoyingly, with lots of dropped frames, repeated shots, and close-ups of frantically waving arms. Seagal adopts a ridiculous (I think it was meant to be Southern - "Y'all", "Lord Have Mercy", "Sho Nuff", etc.) accent, has a love interest at least 20 years younger than him, whom he completely ignores, because that's what all supercool detectives like him do, and is joined in his latest investigation by a rookie female FBI agent, whom he's a complete jerk to, because, again, that's what all supercool detectives like him do. Did I mention that "he's a genius" and that "he doesn't follow protocol"? And what's with the film's fascination with torture, sadism, close-ups of corpses....blergh. Is Seagal making a play for the "SAW" market? And let's not even mention the completely nonsensical ending. The only semi-redeeming features of "Kill Switch" are some unintentional laughs, and the presence of Holly Dingard and Isaac Hayes (in one of his last roles). *1/2 out of 4.

Reviewed by Scarecrow-88 3 / 10

Kill Switch

Steven Seagal is a Memphis homicide detective dealing with a serial killer obsessed with astrology. Also, a psycho bomber is released from prison practically unscathed despite after being tossed out the window of an apartment building, crashing hard into a street. In fact, this guy seems good as new, where most people thrown out a window from such a height, with such brute force, would never walk again..but, not this maniac. Anyway, Seagal must contend with a FBI agent sent down to observe and assist in the investigation regarding the astrology murders.

One of the least Seagal pictures I have seen and his fight scenes are beyond pitiful. It's never more clear than in this movie how uninvolved he is in those scenes where his Jacob King is dueling with bar scum and killers. How a loser like Lazerus(..played by Michael Filipowich), the astrology psychopath, can go on and on and on with King for not one but two fight sequences(..not to mention shootouts where neither man could hit the broad side of a barn)shows how puny Kill Switch is. The serial killer story is generic and familiar, reminiscent of many films that have been done countless times before after Se7en(..the Zodiac influence has contributed to many films of this type over the years). The editing, camera speed, photography, fight choreography, gun fights, are all sub-par and disappointing. And, to top it all off, I don't think Seagal has ever looked as bored as he does here, more so than usual if that could be possible. Mark Collie, as King's ultimate nemesis, Billy Joel Hill, is an effective creep, but Kill Switch has to underwrite his story because of the ongoing Lazerus debacle. After Billy Joel Hill kills his lawyer and two others just after being released(!)he picks up where he left off, with little heat directed his way, due to Lazerus' activity. Isaac Hayes is the Shelby County coroner, Holly Dignard the female FBI agent no one wants around, Chris Thomas King as Seagal's partner, and Karyn Michelle Baltzer who portrays Celine, Jacob's beat cop love-interest eventually kidnapped by Billy Joel. The film also establishes how Jacob is haunted by the murder of his twin brother on their birthday, at an early age, and how this has motivated him as a detective.

Reviewed by poolandrews 4 / 10

Better than a lot of recent Seagal stuff but that isn't saying much...

Kill Switch is set in Memphis where a serial killer known as the 'Grifter' has struck four times in a month, his latest victim being a prostitute named Jessica (Holly Eglington) who has been found brutally beaten to death. Veteran homicide detective Jacob King (producer & writer Steven Seagal) is on the case, the FBI send in agent Frankie Miller (Holly Dignard) to assist & oversee the investigation. Each victim has had strange astrological marks carved into their skin & Jacob is convinced it's some sort of coed or message that he needs to break. Meanwhile a killer named Billy Joe Hill (Mark Collie) has been released after a legal appeal & sets out to take revenge on Jacob who put him away, now with two cold blooded killers on the loose Jacob must use all his experience to stop them...

This American & Canadian co-production was directed by Jeff King & despite getting a universal trouncing on the IMDb I thought Kill Switch was one of Seagal's better more recent attempts at trying to make a film, sure it can't come close to Under Siege (1992) but it's a hell of an improvement on crap like Attack Force (2006). Also written by Seagal I assume Kill Switch was meant as some sort of dark gritty serial killer thriller in the vein of Se7en (1995) & while it doesn't even come close to that I did quite like the story about a tough cop with a troubled past hunting down two serial killers. Seagal struts his way through the film & beats up just about everyone he meets, there's no real need to have several extremely violent fights in a serial killer thriller but I guess it's a Seagal film so there has to be some fights. The plot twist about one of the serial killers framing Jacob is underused, the character's are thin & it's not revealed until the very last few minutes that Seagal is actually married with two kids, the prologue which sets up a family tragedy goes nowhere, some of the clues that Seagal follow up & use are tenuous & are boring with no great twist's or turns but as a dark action thriller I thought it was alright. At just over 90 minutes long the pace is alright, there are no long stretches of dull exposition & there are a few good moments here.

Again, despite what I am reading here on the IMDb I also think the fight scenes are better than the recent Seagal films with some pretty brutal fights including slashed wrists & throats, people being kicked out of third storey windows, arms & ribs broken with hammers & a nastily sadistic scene in which Seagal knocks a man's teeth out on the edge of a counter as a form of torture. There's not too much shaky hand-held camera crap so you can always see what's happening & while the editing is a little choppy at times I've sat through worse. Besides the fights there isn't that much action other than a shoot-out.

With a supposed budget of about $10,000,000 this was set in Mephis but filmed entirely in British Columbia in Canada. The production values are decent enough, it's reasonably well made if you discount the obvious body double for Seagal during some of the fight scenes. The acting isn't great & Seagal mumbles his way through his lines as usual but the rest of the cast are alright, musician Isaac Hayes turns up a few times as a coroner.

Kill Switch isn't a great film but it's better than most of the crap from Seagal of late, it's better made with a more brutal & dark tone & even tries to throw in the odd plot twist or two even if they don't amount to much overall. Better than I expected but hardly a classic.

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