2014 [DUTCH]

Action / Adventure / Drama / History

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
IMDb Rating 6.5/10 10 1762 1.8K

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Barry Atsma as Wigbold Ripperda
Sallie Harmsen as Kathelijne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tim_eenennaam 5 / 10

One-sided story of the Dutch Revolt

In this movie about the Dutch revolt against the Spannish crown, the dramatic story of the siege of Haarlem is been told. The main characters are giving a decent performance and the movie is build up well.

The story and plot however, are a disaster. The viewer only sees the story from Dutch perspectives. The motives of the Spannish opponents remains rather vague. They are the bad (or even evil) guys and their only role is to be scammed by the captious Dutch women, lead by the heroic Kenau. The movie is almost a propaganda film for the Dutch Revolutionaries. A lot of great plots could be made by the story of the siege of Haarlem and the Dutch Revolt, even without abusing history. In that way the movie is truly a missed chance.

Reviewed by terraguy 8 / 10

Excellent Dutch production, history

Without knowing about the movie, I went to see it. First I was a bit set back by the fact it was Dutch; not much Dutch movies are to my liking. But I was really surprised by how well the movie was, in terms of the characters, the story, the believability and special effects. These were all quite good! I don't know if there are Dutch movies who can top this kind of production, with lots of action and fights.

The story was interesting too, as a historical fact. Of course, it's been made more romantic to be appealing, but it was interesting to see Dutch history on the big screen in a movie that I would normally expect only from studios in bigger countries.

I found it beautifully shot, it captured my attention and took me on a journey through a dark piece of history for the Dutch, when the Spanish people ruled parts of Holland. The characters were fine, there might have been more depth, but it was certainly good enough, enjoyable without big drawbacks.

Reviewed by sddavis63 6 / 10

Knowing Some Of The History Would Be Helpful To A Viewer

I'd say right off that in order to really appreciate this movie a person needs to have more familiarity with the Eighty Years War and the Battle of Haarlem that the movie depicts than I have. The battle of Haarlem was a siege of that Dutch city by the Spaniards in the winter-spring 1572-1573, with the events of the Protestant Reformation and the accompanying religious tensions very much in the picture. The movie is really a celebration of Kenau Simonsdochter Hasselaer, a widow who arganized the women of Haarlem into a fighting force to battle the Spanish troops. In the movie, Kenau was played by a Dutch actress named Monic Hendrickx, who was convincing enough in the role. The sets were authentic and the battle scenes were quite convincing. But being entirely unfamiliar with Dutch history, much of the historical material admittedly went over my head. And I was surprised to discover, in doing some reading about Kenau after watching this, that there are some who even doubt that she ever existed and believe her entire life to be the stuff of mythology.

It's a well done movie - but having some background in Dutch history and the historical setting of the story would be helpful to a viewer. (6/10)

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