Katt Williams: Kattpacalypse



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Reviewed by Mjdenali-6194 1 / 10

Katt Williams owes me an hour and fifteen minutes of my life back

Let me start by saying that I know the special is only about an hour, but I spent fifteen minutes setting up this IMDb account so that I could write this review. I honestly have never written a review on anything before (not for movies, restaurants or any other thing that people write reviews for thinking that their opinion is special)... mostly because I've always thought writing reviews on anything (good or bad) was a waste of my time. However, this time I was so astounded I had to warn anyone willing to read this.

I have always loved Katt Williams as a comedian, but this wasn't comedy. It was one man preaching his views on life for an hour. I won't go into too many details about what his opinions were, but all I know is I laughed three or four times, spent the last forty minutes contemplating whether to continue watching or not, and unfortunately watched the whole thing hoping that it would get better... no such luck. I hate to say this, but I kind of hope he goes back into retirement because if he does another special, I know I'll watch it in hopes that it is as good as pimp chronicles. However, If it's as bad as Kattpacalypse he'll probably lose me as a fan. So... to Katt Williams if you happen to read this: either make sure your next special is funny or stop coming out with them. Either way, we'll all try to forget this happened. Also... evolution is a thing stop saying dumb stuff.

He owes me another 15 minutes for writing this dumb thing.

Reviewed by keelhaul-80856 7 / 10

Not his best work, but still funny. What did you expect, Richard Dawkins?

This was not Katt's best special, by far. I also see why people might laugh at his silly, uneducated takes on society, but I think some people really got butthurt. What did you expect, a discourse on philosophy and anthropology from a professor? LOL. Katt just says ridiculous things as they pop into his mind. Of course, his comments are off the wall and not necessarily PC or even intelligent, but that isn't what we turn on a Katt Williams special to hear!!!

I am quite sure it has such low reviews mainly because he trashes atheists and evolution, and doesn't jump on the (complete) gay bandwagon, but jokes about how lesbians are (and this part is true) somewhat acceptable to men, in the right setting.

However, fair enough. I can see why some would be turned off by it, just as I am turned off by dumb specials from social justice warriors preaching about crap that isn't really funny. I will at least be fair, and allow people to have an opinion, unlike those audiences/performers. Katt is always funny, though, even if it is completely ridiculous and keeps referencing 2012 destruction and white people flying to other planets and the definitions for acronyms like NASA ...

Reviewed by theradicashift 4 / 10

Sadly, a swing and a miss

I've never been the biggest Katt fan, but I always enjoyed seeing his work, as he had a unique style. But this show most certainly disappointed. I liked that Katt had something more to say beyond the joke by joke method, but he took too long and there were barely any jokes in between, even then, his message was too confusing. His comment about atheism is very misguided, and completely incorrect, and that's coming from a someone who does believe in God. If you like cheap laughs, or just the jumping and moving around Katt always does in his shows, then I think you won't regret watching this show, but if you are into actual comedy, then I think it's best to avoid this. I'll give it out of 10 the number of times I actually laughed while watching his show; 4. This is my personal rating of the show, and if you share my mindset, I believe you will share this evaluation.

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