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Reviewed by johnjohnsemails 1 / 10


I'm not even a Justin Bieber hater (though that kind of surprises me because he is the exact type of thing I usually rail against on my blog) but I feel like I need to take a 12 hour shower after watching this useless, horrible disgusting piece of "entertainment" with my sister. Yeah I like to hang out with my sister and we BOTH wanted to go see this movie thinking we'd at least get a laugh. Boy was I wrong, this was just awful. His performance is terrible, it's as if this vain little pubeless kid thinks all he has to do is stand there and let 10 year old girls scream at his stupid haircut. The songs are terrible, there's a few attempts to create visual spectacle of some sort but all of it is just awful and pointless. LOL to the reviewer who referred to him as "Miss Bieber" that's awesome. Way more entertainment out of that one joke than I got out of this entire pointless vain movie that's for sure.

Reviewed by buckosjointhouse 1 / 10

Self Gratification at it's worst!

Right so everyone here on IMDb is pretty much committed to giving this "movie"(if you can call it that) 1 out of 10 to get it to no.1 on the bottom 100 list. Trust me, they're right.I went to see it because I knew there was no way I could criticize this movie without seeing it.However, the film lacks any artistic merit whatsoever. It is full of the latest and greatest pop sensations of the Youtube generation, but all these names and flashy lights are just stuffing in the under cooked turkey that is this show.At the heart of this presentation is the message to never give up on your dreams, however the whole movie is just Bieber smiling, looking pretty and grooming his lesbian hair, and as mentioned in previous reviews, the theater was full of tween girls screaming their heads off every time he inhaled or exhaled. Someone really needs to teach the modern generation about cinema etiquette, or at least tell them to shut up for 10 seconds. I honestly don't know what this movie was trying to do besides earn money and add a few more accolades to the stars names. In short this movie is just pointless.The 3D also sucks.

Reviewed by StevePulaski 6 / 10

"I don't love him, I don't hate him, I respect him"

America's got talent! We've had Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Ernest Tubb, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, The Rat Pack, Elvis Presley, Lief Garrett, Bon Jovi, Cindi Lauper, Madonna, AC/DC, Christina Aguliera, Lady Gaga, and now we have Justin Bieber. This little guy started his career on Youtube, and worked to become an internationally known child star who is now loved and cherished by pretty much every adolescent female in the USA. Never Say Never showcases him in a different light.

The film is what some might not expect. Unlike Michael Jackson's This is it, this film is a look in Justin's personal life and how he prepares to perform in front of a sold out crowd in NY's own Madison Square Garden. We go as far back as when he was a tween, and making videos on Youtube showing off his talent doing cover songs by artists like Chris Brown and Ne-Yo. To think this kid made it as big as he's made it in only three years is insane. I make videos on Youtube and write reviews on my website and I'm still waiting to be discovered.

As for the 3D, it's the absolute worst 3D film I have ever seen. Even worse than The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Only the scenes with him in the concert and the text are in 3D, the rest is just in regular 2D. This is the kind of thing that really pisses me off. Of course they knew they couldn't remaster old clips into the new 3D technology, so lets enhance the footage of him in MSG a bit more to make it slightly in the third dimension, and add some clips made exclusively for this film. Great way to scam more money out of us.

I found this out because every fifteen to twenty minutes I remove the glasses to blink a few times, and to relax my eyes so they don't become fatigued or irritated. I happened to do it on a scene where it's an interview and I discovered what I was watching wasn't even in RealD. What a cruel way to pretty much double the price of a ticket. Make film that isn't even in the third dimension 75% of the time. Is this the future? Because if so, I like living in the past.

As for JB himself, plain and simple; I don't love the kid, I don't hate the kid, I respect him. Bring on the hate! I must give the kid credit for doing all of this before he even reaches the title of "adult". Whether I like what someone has to offer or not, if they are a few years younger than me or a few years older than me, I support what they are trying to get across.

I too have major sympathy for the kid as well. Look what this kid has to live through (most not showcased in film): gay rumors, death rumors, being called "a faggot," school stress, work stress, people constantly bothering him, overprotective parents, etc. I know the kid brought it on himself some of the stuff dealing with stress, but I do feel sorry for him in a way. When I told my friends I was going to see the kid's film everyone jumped on me saying "I'm secretly gay". Is this the kind of homophobic society we live in? Back to the topic of the film, my favorite part besides the end is where Scooter Braun (JB's manager) explains why fans are so worthy to him. They feel like they discovered him on Youtube. We see a complete montage of videos by teen girls singing his song "One Time". It's nothing but amazing to see how one sixteen year old acquire millions of fans. Thats the beauty of it all.

The concert is entertaining, but I find it rather pointless. This is the beginning of his life, why do we need to see it in the making? Though he is big now, I can pretty much guarantee in ten years, maybe five, people will be saying "who the hell is that?" when is name is mentioned. He'll live in the moment and fade out like many others. It happens. We don't need a concert showcasing his life in the making, we need to see it when he dies or when he goes into retirement. Not right at the beginning of his career.

The thing that I laughed about were the girls in the film at a concert of his literally crying their adolescent heart out. My laugh was an interesting one because it's a shock to me that girls are genuinely moved by his music. Same goes with when he picks the "one less lonely girl". You may have one less lonely girl, but there are about two million jealous girls in the bunch.

Never Say Never is like Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D. It's a pointless concert film, that may provide some good music, but we question it's existence. Never Say Never is worth it for the music factor, but only for "true" fans of Bieber. The theater I was in was rather quiet, but I saw a lot of cell phone lights illuminate in the middle as they text their girlfriends saying "I'm @ the Bieber premiere. He iz sooooo hawt lol ;)" This movie is sure to make girls "awwwww" at the pictures of little JB, "ooooooh" and "awwww" when his shirt comes off, and maybe shed a tear during some of his performances. It's entertaining and engaging, but their isn't a whole lot to recommend to people looking for a good or well made film.

Starring: Justin Bieber, Usher, and Scooter Braun. Directed by: Jon Chu.

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