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Tobias Santelmann as Super Lion
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by quna-79296 6 / 10

It's cute but....

This movie is cute but not done correctly. The little girl was okay physically but she doubted herself so much she couldn't do anything. She was able to jump to the cable and use a book to make it over a train, the suit only enhanced her brain not her body which they kept reinforcing. So when she played the drums I guess that was all her she just used her mind to pinpoint what to hit and when. Don't listen to the bottom guy. It's entertaining, I just wished they went about it better. This movie made it seem like the little girl was completely useless.

Thank god for the grandma. Can we also talk about the nephew almost killing his uncle and innocent townsfolk. Strange that they just let it go and blamed the suit. Turn your brain off and the movie will be fine. The design and style are quite nice otherwise. The dub is terrible.

Reviewed by CinemaSerf 6 / 10

Just Super

I quite enjoyed this. A small town with a rather precarious overhanging rock gets by day-to-day with the help of their own local superhero. He's called "Super-Lion" and he lives quietly with his daughter 'Hedvig" who is a bit of a gaming addict. When tasked to do the laundry, she has a bit of a mishap and dad's empowering suit is now half the size it needs to be! Maybe it's serendipity? Perhaps it is time for him to hand on the baton to his successor before chaos engulfs their community. Well, possibly, except she proves to be pretty hapless in training - despite the best efforts of her father, and her grandmother! The job is hereditary, and so dad spreads his net a bit wider to include his rather accomplished, if full of himself, young nephew "Adrian" who takes to the role like a duck to water. The suit makes people stronger but it also augments their less attractive traits and so soon the new "Super-Lion" starts to become a bit of a selfish liability. Can dad, his own predecessor (grannie) and young "Hedvig" save the day? It's quite an entertaining animation that bashes a few stereotypes about the head and offers us some engaging characterisations for eighty minutes that look at determination, loyalty and friendship along with providing a few slapstick, life-saving, comedy scenarios. The animation itself is a bit basic, and it is annoyingly over-scored at times, but it did deserve to be seen by more than just me in the cinema.

Reviewed by graves-scott 1 / 10

Super Video Game Player...

Seriously? The girl can only play video games and wonders why dad won't let her be a super hero? Maybe she should have gone outside and played more instead of staying inside and playing video games. Heck, making her into a hero is an insult to everyone who goes to the trouble of staying fit.

The women around me are hating on the dad for not "standing up for her" when she is clearly not capable of doing the most basic of physical activities.

This movie is all about celebrating those who do nothing and expect to be rewarded for their lack of effort. It's Millenials in a nutshell. "Reward me for doing what I am supposed to do." Blech.

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