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Colleen Camp as Joan Casey
Tony Goldwyn as Joshua
F. Murray Abraham as Father Tardone
Kurt Fuller as Father Pat Hayes
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Reviewed by user-386-586660 6 / 10

Portrayal of Jesus in Modern Times

Joshua is a film about a man who wanders into a town. He rents a barn and works out of it for his woodcarving shop. He performs miracles that no ordinary man could do, shows the towns people that God loves them, which makes Father Tordone suspicious.

There is a very obvious parallel between Joshua and Jesus. Many of the miracles and actions Joshua performs are the same as those done by Jesus. Such as when a con men set up a Tent Revival, Joshua tells him he doesn't have to con people. This is similar to Jesus and the Pharisees. Pharisees were strict observers of laws and rules, but Jesus thought differently, he preached love. Where he sought sinners out rather than scorn them.

The film seems to show that Joshua is a messiah. Especially as in the Bible, one key part of being a messiah is to rebuild Solomon's Temple. In the film it seems to be symbolized when Joshua rebuilds a Baptist Church destroyed in a storm. Joshua also performs miracles like making the blind see, and raising the dead. Vatican City then catches interest in his actions, a lot like how Jesus' actions caught the attention of the Roman Empire.

But I don't think the movie wants Joshua to represent the Second Coming. As Joshua in the film hasn't returned the Jews to their homeland, which Jesus couldn't do, but is stated in several biblical verses. The Christian response to this assertion of Jesus not being a messiah is he will accomplish this in the Second Coming. The same can be said of unfulfilled biblical verses. This film seems to be capturing how Jesus will be perceived in the modern times, and how society has changed from the ancient times.

What I took away from this film is that Jesus came to Earth and died for our sins. But he did not come to do work for us, he began preaching love, and it is the responsibility of Christians to continue this work to continue to spread the message. Joshua changes the faith of the town's people and showed them love, but it is up to the people to decide if they believe in what Joshua showed them, some like Tordone at first are skeptical and suspicious but others who are healed see the truth of Joshua's actions.

Reviewed by TxDeadhead 7 / 10

Why label?

Well, I'm very glad that I didn't look at the IMDB entry before I made the decision whether or not I should watch it. I wouldn't have watched it. The movie was nice for a lazy Sunday morning. The message was uplifting and should be to any viewer, regardless of his/her religious affiliation. A stranger comes into town and turns it upside down by being helpful, polite, friendly and courteous. He teaches various characters lessons that are appropriate to the listener. And he seems to have some sort of otherworldly power. The message, that the community would be a much better place if people would drop their prejudices, stop being so selfish, and help one another, is one that all people, regardless of religion, color, nationality, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or whatever difference one may chose to emphasize.

To bring myself to my point, I'm a non-Christian, and I felt this movie was entertaining, educational, uplifting, and had some valuable things to say. It would be really too bad if the fact that it has been labeled a "Christian" movie, caused non-Christians to ignore it, or dismiss the lessons taught as Christian propaganda. I, for one, am glad I took the time to watch it, but not because of the "Christian" message, but because of the message of love. If it hadn't been for the comments made here, I would not have considered it a Christian move, but a movie about Good.

So, for you non-Christians out there, Don't ignore this movie. It's got a great message. There are other explanations for the things that happen in this movie, but the core message, that of community and love, is important for all.

Reviewed by dvapr 10 / 10

excellent film

i saw this film on cable today - a lazy saturday afternoon. and to my surprise, it really touched me. tony goldwyn was absolutely perfect and wonderful, as was f. murray abraham (as always) and kurt fuller (great part for him). the film spoke to me, relaying some things that i really needed to hear at this time. a great film for adults who need to take a minute and reaccess. and good for teens, kids, families to see together i would think. for me, this picture was like a little spiritual meditation wrapped in a family friendly package. it was the last thing i wanted/expected to find while channelsurfing. but i'm sure glad i did. thank you.

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