John Mulaney: Baby J


Action / Comedy / Documentary

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 86% · 22 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 74% · 100 ratings
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John Mulaney as Self
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tkdlifemagazine 8 / 10

Really Funny Stuff

This is John Mulaney's first show since his personal scandal surrounding his drug addiction, rehab experience, and divorce. Following these tragedies he got serious with the amazing Olivia Munn, and had a baby. He seems to be past the worst parts of his life. This very funny and, sometime shocking, special is about the darkest times and more. He is painfully funny and honest about the darkness of the experience and his dealing with it. This is raw and honest and funny because it is authentic. Many comedians evolve from chaos and, quite honestly, are not funny at all. This is not true here. He is as funny as ever. Evolved as can be, but funny as ever. See this one, even if this is your first Mulaney special.

Reviewed by pd-19490 4 / 10

Not that funny and I usually like Mulaney

This was not very funny and his pacing seemed off as well. This was his weakest special by far. I fell asleep towards the end. I get addressing rehab since it was so public, but there's really nothing funny about rehab and he spends the ENTIRE special on it. It's more sad than anything. I chuckled a few times and even then it was kind of forced. If it were me I'd make some self-deprecating jokes in the beginning and move on. He used to be a writer on SNL and has written some all-time great sketches. Not sure if the drugs made him funnier or if this was just a misstep and he'll return to form with the next one.

Reviewed by DougTheBrownieHunter 6 / 10

Not bad by any means, but it's definitely his weakest Netflix special.

It's John Mulaney. He's funny. I laughed.

But compared to his other specials? This was underwhelming.

Not bad by any stretch and certainly worth the watch.

Part of what I enjoy so much about him is that, yes, his stories are ridiculous and, yes, his takes are unique, but his ability to describe things creates such hilarious imagery that his humor can make use of. The variety of topics he'd hit in his first few specials were incredible and let that whole dynamic work it's magic.

Here, he's still funny as hell, but he confined his material entirely to his addiction and recovery. That's totally fine in and of itself, since that's been his life in recent years. But the grim subject matter takes the variety out of the show, making it really monotonous. It was like an hourlong story with plenty of events, but it just kept going and going.

I won't be able to rewatch this special. I'm a longtime fan and I hate to see him in this light, especially since I can't imagine him actually doing any of these things. Maybe that makes me more biased than average. Do with that what you will. Regardless, I hope we get more content like his previous stuff, except without his previous *sources of inspiration.*

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