Jo Koy: Live from Brooklyn


Comedy / Documentary

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 76%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
IMDb Rating 6.6/10 10 483 483

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vadcjyxmAnthony 7 / 10


It was funny for a while. The "tribute" to Biggie was the best part of the fun. I have to say that the show took a huge.....uhhhhhh.... DIP, when Jo found out that a "guest" brought their 12 year old son to the venue....

It changed everything.

It really wasn't fair to Jo or the audience that one person chose to wreck the evening by bringing her underage son. It was very clear that the environment of the auditorium changed. That little boy who was brought to the comedy show will not be disobeying his Mother anytime soon.

Overall, it was an unusual experience. Hopefully Mr. Koy's career will not suffer.

Reviewed by armaghank-35760 4 / 10

It might seem harsh but it's true, Jo Koy wasn't good in this one!!!

I used to enjoy Jo Koy very much, his Asian accents sketch to this day is so funny and I still rewatch, however even in the Golden Globe he sounded mean and not funny!

This comedy special seems the same, he laughs way too much at his own jokes, it doesn't give audiences any choice or time to let the material sink in! Very normal routine and repetitive material! I respectfully think Jo Koy got really popular and now he thinks he is too good and doesn't need to try like before, even in his recent interview on the "View" he didn't sound relatable anymore!

I was disappointed! Not worth watching! Sorry it it sounds harsh!

Reviewed by xuminyu 3 / 10

Disappointing; Not really worth sitting through

I agree with other reviews that this performance was repetitive and not particularly funny. Even from the very beginning - when a show should lead with some of the better material or provides a sense of how the show will go- it dragged on painfully with the audience politely laughing but probably thinking 'Move on, already'; really off/bad timing. The audience got a little excited when he plugged a little of his mom impression, thinking 'now he might be getting on to the funny'; but it was only a moment. And when comedians start filling time with vulgarity or crude bodily function 'jokes' that are just awkward, it's pretty sad. Jokoy should test out his material on a trial audience before doing a special; if he did with this special, the audience must've been comprised of friends who didn't provide accurate feedback because this material was amateurish and disappointing given how funny some of his previous shows were.

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